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Dance, Dance Revolution

Ever catch the kids dancing alone in their bedrooms? Well, now’s the time to let them explore the art of moving their bodies to the rhythm. “Our goal is to make each dancer reach their fullest potential and give them the best dance education possible,” says Susan Armijo, owner and artistic director of Centre for Dance in Dallas. At the facility, kids ages 18 months and up have the opportunity to build a balanced dance foundation. From the Mommy/Daddy & Me class for students 18–30 months to hip-hop and jazz for older kids, the highly physical activity of dance teaches endurance and improves posture and balance.

For students who are looking to get serious about dance, Centre for Dance offers dance teams as well as classes to prepare students for tryouts for groups such as drill team. Registration fees are $25 per student. Classes start at $65 per month per student. Fees for teams vary. Get more information at centrefordance.com or call 972/248-1112.