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How Dallas Travel Blogger Rani Alfers Spends Her Thursday

the insurance agent and single mom is launching her first blog

North Dallas single mom Rani Alfers owns and manages a Farmers Insurance agency in North Dallas. She’s currently working on launching her first travel blog, workingwomentravel.com. When she’s not working, Alfers is busy taking care of her 7-year-old son, Carter, or traveling with him. 

4AMAny wakeup call before 6am requires an alarm. In my mind, it’s the opening bell of my day. It also means the coffee is ready.

4:15AM Facebook and Instagram survived the night without me. A quick glance of messages and alerts sets me free to start my first power hour of the day. The morning is a great time of clarity for me.

6AM I wake Carter up with as many backrubs as we have time for. His first words are, “What’s for breakfast, Mommy?” What he is hoping I will say every morning is pancakes. Today, it’s Cheerios for him and a new protein shake recipe for me. We start breakfast and chat about the day ahead.

6:40AM Carter, it’s time to get ready. He promises the iPad will not be a distraction. Tick. Tock. The mommy bus leaves at 7:15.

7:20AM Yes, we are five minutes behind, but I wouldn’t dare blame it on a YouTube video. En route, we talk about what he thinks will happen at school today. Also Carter likes to know how the day will unfold—really that means, “What is for dinner?”

7:30AM It’s time to hit the gym. Most days I meet my trainer, Aaron Johnson, for our grueling workout. If not, it’s a run or hot yoga at Sunstone.

8:30AM Home to shower, and race to the office. My morning routine is quick. The wardrobe is typically a black or blue dress or a Rent the Runway staple thrown in for variety. Minimal makeup skills leave me with the joy of low-maintenance moisturizing and drying off.

9AM Taking calls in the car about my new travel blog. The brand manager on my team is finalizing the website as we are sorting out blog posts and marketing efforts. This is a new project, but I hope will inspire women to travel and take a break from the day-to-day. We deserve it.

9:30AM I make it to the office—the days of my week vary greatly, and switching gears is essential, but all highly planned in advance. I opened a Farmers Insurance agency 13 years ago, and we are in full growth mode. It’s time to check in with each team member on their day.

10:30AM Meeting with Caree, our agency concierge. She runs through priorities in my schedule, pending items, any team issues and referral partner updates. She is the glue that keeps me on the track.

11:40AM Running out the door from my office to a lunch meeting. Today it’s with a local real estate agent.

12PM Doc B’s is a go-to favorite. I love their steak salad! A reservation is a must during lunch, but it’s a great central spot.

1:30PM It’s tough to contain lunch within two hours. My best time is one and a half. I’ve even started setting an alarm to zap me out of the enjoyable conversation and into the next.

2PM Arriving back at the office, I have a candidate waiting in the conference room for an interview.

3PM A longtime client is waiting patiently for their annual insurance review. This is one of my favorite parts of the insurance industry: meeting with clients personally and seeing their lives change over the years.

4PM My team has a daily 4pm huddle. Today, I’m able to get a pulse on our workflow and capacity, and I’m reminded of how much I appreciate them.

4:45PM When I say that typically I am running out of the office, it’s not an understatement. It’s a “running” joke actually. Is there ever enough time in a day? I’m in the car and en route home.

5PM Walking in the front door and seeing Carter is a breath of fresh air from my full day. Rosa, his nanny, helps with school pickup and Spanish homework. He’s in the dual language program, and her efforts have greatly helped him. When I arrive, his snack, homework and bath are done. It’s about quality time for us at this point.

5:30PM I start dinner, or we decide on a restaurant. Princi Italia is one of his favorites; we love the pasta Bolognese. Sometimes it’s a Plated meal (subscription service), or sometimes it’s delivery. The goal is to get to the table and have a dinner. Tonight, it’s a Plated meal—Indian chicken with rice.

6:15PM Carter sets the table. This is a new skill. He is slowly learning, but it’s a huge help at dinnertime. We enjoy with fun banter of riddles for Mom and a detailed account of his day at school. He would prefer to watch YouTube, but this time is reserved for Mom!

7PM Carter clears the table, and he has a nightly routine of iPad and a graham cracker before bed. (We even travel with them.)

7:45PM Teeth brushed, PJs on and bedtime story. We are reading Flat Stanley books.

8PM Carter is in bed with his bear, blanket and backrubs. His love languages are touch and time. While I am rubbing his back, he’s ready to confirm his schedule for the next day, including meals.

8:15PM I take my last sips of wine from dinner, return urgent work emails and settle in with a Grey’s Anatomy episode that’s been on the DVR for a few weeks.

9:15PM I remind Siri to wake me up, and in bed, I’m reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. His morning emails are inspiring.

10PM Lights out. Siri is in charge at this point.

Her favorite playlist: I let Apple influence me. I love the “In the Mood” playlists. My workout is Post Malone.
Beverage of choice:Dark roast coffee in the morning and a glass of red wine in the evening
Her best purchase ever: Spanx!
One item on her bucket list: An African safari
Favorite Scent: Chocolate chip cookies baking
A quote she lives by: Life is short; live it.
What she does when life gets stressful: Breathe, have a glass of wine and then book a flight
Her greatest fear: Not living up to the greatest responsibility: shaping my son’s life at each level. Each level contributes to the next. Not accomplishing motherhood at a high level is a fear.
Motherhood in five words: Did you shower this weekend?
Her yearly destination: Flying with my son to Grandma’s house each summer. We travel often, but this trip is one we don’t miss.
Pet peeve: Negativity

Image courtesy of Rani Alfers.