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How Corinth Teacher & Coach’s Wife Kendall Scales Spends her Friday

from an early morning in the classroom to friday night lights

Corinth mom Kendall Scales and her husband of three years, Del, have managed to find a healthy balance between work and playShe teaches in Irving Independent School District, while her husband teaches and coaches football in Lewisville ISD. When football is in session, Scales and her two boysDeacon2 ½, and Keller9 monthsspend a lot of their time on the sidelines or at the fieldhouse cheering on Daddy. 

4:30AM First alarm goes off. I have every intention to work out, but if I make the slightest of sounds, the boys wake up. So, snooze I choose.

4:40AM Second alarm. Snooze.

4:45AM Third time’s a charm. Feel around for my glasses, stumble to the bathroom. I shut the door before I turn the light on so as not to wake Del—he has a game tonight.

5:15AM Makeup on. I shower at night, so it’s a surprise what my hair looks like in the morning. Today, not so bad, so it’ll be straight. Winning! Find my “game day” colors; throw on jeans. Hurray for jeans day!

5:25AM Let Bunker out. I hope she won’t bark. Nope, not today.

5:30AM Pack my backpack for school. On Fridays, culinary students cook for the teachers.

5:35AM Del gets up. I get Keller, change him and get his bottle. Wake Deacon up, change him and get shoes on. He’s happy he gets to wear his jersey today. Make sure their bags are good to go.

5:50AM Grab my bags, give kisses goodbye, wish Del luck, and off I go.

6:26AM Pull into school. It’s still dark and quiet, but I know soon the day will really start.

6:30AM Settle into my room, check emails, prepare for the day. I always come in early, especially on Fridays, since I don’t stay late, because, well, football! But the copier is empty and just calling my name. I’m owning the day!

7:05AM Students trickle in. Text Del to find out how drop-off went with the boys.

7:45AM School starts.

9:45AM My first break. Run to the bathroom, and then off to a department meeting.

11:25AM Class begins. If I can make it 30 more minutes, I’ll get to eat.

11:55AM Yes! I made it to lunch. Today is taco bowls. Sit, chat, decompress, shovel the food in my mouth and off I go. Two more classes.

3:15PM Ring, ring! Wish my kids well. I prepare for Monday and reply to emails as fast as I can.

3:30PM I grab my bags and rush to get in the car. If I miss traffic, I can get home and work out, right?

4:05PM Pull into the driveway, then go in and feed Bunker. After hurrying to put my things away, I open the back door and out she goes barking up a storm.

4:15PM Change my clothes and run upstairs. Turn on the TV, click on my workout app and on I go.

4:45PM Gosh, I can’t breathe, but I don’t have time to sit. I change into my game attire and try make my hair look less sweaty. I guess I’ll just put it up.

5PM Pack some snacks, waters and a bottle for the night. I’ve probably forgotten something, but at this point, oh well.

5:05PM Back in the car, text Del, wish him luck again and tell him we’ll see him soon.

5:10PM Pull into day care. Walk into Keller’s room. Thankfully he just had a bottle and a diaper change. Walk to get Deacon at the end of the hall. He’s in there playing, and then he sees me and starts screaming, “Mama!” We grab his backpack and his arts and crafts from the week and walk back down the hall. Deacon stops and says, “Football?” “Yes, buddy, we’re going to football.”

5:25PM Back in the car. Pickup has taken longer than it should. Check the time, and head toward the game. It’s a scrimmage tonight, so a little less chaotic.

5:45PM We pull into McDonald’s because we eat only the best on game night! Grab a 10-piece with fries and a giant Coke for me.

6PM Finally make it to the fieldhouse. Deacon’s screaming for fries, and Keller’s crying trying to nap. I close my eyes and pray, Lord, please help me get through the next three hours. Take a deep breath; we get out.

6:05PM We get to the doors at the fieldhouse. God forbid Deacon want to walk in himself. He sees the “big kids” in pads and helmets—freaks out. I have Keller in one arm, chicken nuggets in the other… Child, please get up and walk! Thankfully, another coach sees my struggle, grabs Deacon, gives him a tickle, and in we go. Crisis averted!

6:10PM In the team room, we see Daddy, give him hugs and kisses and wish him luck, again, then to the field he goes. Finally, I open the bag, and we begin to eat. Deacon gets six, and I get four because, well…he’s a growing boy.

7PM Game time, baby! It feels good to sit down. Thankfully the other wives have taken Keller off my hands for a little bit, and Deacon is on the sidelines chasing one of the bigger boys.

9:30PM Game over. Since it’s a scrimmage, it’s shorter than normal. We hustle down to the field, find Del, congratulate him and head home. (Del won’t be home for hours since he has to do film, so we say goodnight now.)

10PM Home at last. Change Keller, give him a bottle and down he goes. Deacon isn’t fighting sleep tonight. Get him in his PJs, give him some milk and cuddle, and into bed he goes.

10:40PM Silence. I turn the TV on and realize I’m exhausted. I turn it off and get ready for bed.

11PM Text Del goodnight—tell him I’ll see him in the morning—and off to sleep.

Fast Facts

Best vacation Our honeymoon to Alaska or the Grand Canyon
Books on her nightstand The Bible and Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
What she’s reading Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
Best vacation Our honeymoon to Alaska or the Grand Canyon
Whatiher Netflix queue The West Wing
Where she goes for retail therapy Target or Jane (bad habit)
Favorite movie The Rookie
First celebrity crush Billy Bob Thornton (weird, I know!)
Favorite date night spot Waffle House—it was out first date. Or Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.
Favorite scent Cinnamon apple or Old Spice—on my husband
Beauty product she cant live without Clinique CC cream
Biggest pet peeve Repeating myself
What she does when life gets stressful Take a nap, long nap!
Celebrity mom she admires Kristen Bell
Dream job as a kidJournalist—I wanted to be Barbara Walters.
Self-care spot Grand Lux Nail Salon
How she met her husband We worked together at Denton High!
Something she learned this week That Deacon now knows how to get out of bed and come to our room.
She’s really good at Being stubborn? But really: running the household, making sure everyone has what they need.
She’s really bad at Being patient
Habit she can’t quit Letting little things bother me
If she had to change careers, she’d be a Drug and alcohol abuse counselor for teens and young adults