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Construction-Themed Birthday Party

Throw a construction-themed birthday party for your little builder

If it wasn’t the bulldozers and backhoes Stanton first noticed, it was the dump trucks that frequented a construction site near his preschool that caught his attention. The massive tires and the mechanical whirl of the dumping bed were too much for the increasingly rambunctious toddler to resist, so his mother Amy F. set to work on a construction-themed party for his third birthday and planned a wide load of activities for “Foreman Stanton,” as the invitation read.

Amy hired a construction company to come by in their dump truck and unload a pile of sand onto the family’s front yard. Stanton watched with fascination as the pouring sand formed a mound on top of a tarp, and amid cheers and applause the operators showed the kids how the truck raised and reversed. Then kids dug into the pile with shovels, sand sifters and beach toys.

Each of Stanton’s 20 guests wore construction vests and plastic hard hats as they hammered golf tees into Styrofoam cubes and cut into the foam with toy saws. The construction projects continued with painting a playhouse-sized cardboard house – much like a giant 3-D coloring book – with brushes and paint colors, and older kids stepped on a ladder to paint the “shingles.” Amy said the house was a hit, and her favorite attraction was the 19-foot-tall slide shaped like a dump truck that she rented for the kids, though the adults helped themselves to a few runs as well.

Family members wore outfits in orange, yellow and turquoise – colors Amy had handpicked for a color scheme that was carried through to every aspect of food and décor. Rather than serving the traditional birthday cake, Amy crafted a variety of treats including Rice Krispies bars dipped in colored chocolates, S-shaped sugar cookies in honor of Stanton, yellow chocolates on a stick made from a construction-hat mold and cupcakes that she arrayed in an open toolbox. She served the lemonade from glass milk jars as well as another drink in cups disguised as miniature traffic cones with bendy straws. The kids munched on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cantaloupe and pineapple fruit cups, freshly made orange snow cones, and ripe oranges or “wrecking balls” piled into a toy dump truck.

The birthday boy received a puzzle, books, toys trucks and more construction-themed gifts, and guests were given sidewalk chalk, shovels and other goodies stuffed in personalized buckets to continue their projects at home.