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Color Me Green

Walk into any home inhabited by kids, and there’s usually one common item strewn across the house: crayons. It’s a childhood staple, and when your little ones stick them in their mouths and start chewing, you cringe and wonder what they’re really ingesting. Clementine Art Natural Soy crayons, created by a curious art teacher who also wondered what was in those art materials (and in her students’ mouths), are a great alternative to commonly found paraffin wax crayons. Like regular crayons, the natural soy drawing sticks blend, spread and layer just the same. The company vows to leave green footprints, and even creates the packaging out of 100-percent post-consumer recycled and reusable materials. And with no chemical additives or dyes, the all-natural art materials are safe for the little artist budding in your home—even if they happen to end up in their mouths.