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Cindy Pierce

Cindy Pierce is the mom of one son, Connor, 6, who is in his first year at St. Mark’s School of Texas. She is on the board of directors for Dress for Success, works part-time as a personal shopper and lives in Dallas with her husband Kent.

6am Get a wake-up call by the cat, Yoda, who is sitting on top of my head and kneading my shoulders.

6-6:30am Push the “on” button of the coffee maker. I love my husband for getting it ready for me each evening. Feed Yoda. Turn on the TV, check the weather and get my news fix.

6:30-7am Open Connor’s door. I am thrilled that he is dressed and ready to go, lying on the bed reading his favorite book, Curious George. Head downstairs to check e-mail. Several tasks to tackle today for my new part-time job as a wardrobe consultant’s assistant, as well as Dress for Success to-dos.

7-7:30am Make our typical breakfast of frozen waffles with peanut butter, convincing myself that they are really healthy. My son actually wants to get to school as early as possible, so we eat quickly, brush teeth, fix hair and we are out the door. Not before reviewing with “checkpoint Charlie” to see if he has everything. I’m still in pajamas, but it’s carpool drop-off, so who will see?

7:30-8:15am Head down the Tollway to school. On the way home, I stop at the dry cleaner, then realize my pj’s are still on. Do I risk it? No, too many men walking into the bagel shop next door.

8:15-8:45am Get home, clean up breakfast, feed the fish, make the beds (only because our house is on the market) and get dressed for yoga. Oh forget the beds, I’m going to be late and want to get a good spot. I’m on my way …

8:45am Phone rings. It’s Jini, my realtor. We have a showing (Murphy’s Law) betwen10:30am and 12:30pm. Getting the house prepared will be just as good a workout as yoga, right?

8:50-9:35am Scoop everything off the floor; send dirty laundry to washer; vacuum entire house; Windex entire house. Also, put toys away, fluff pillows, polish countertops, mop kitchen, spray vanilla scent, crank the a/c. Try to make the backyard presentable.

9:35-10:35am Take shower, pick dressy/casual outfit, devote five minutes to make-up, 15 minutes to hair, re-Windex and Lysol bathroom.

10:30am-12:30pm Check e-mail one more time. Approve Dress for Success invitations for our event on November 7. Read hysterical e-mail from friend; send it on to six more people. Head to work at some of my favorite retailers, but put blinders on as I hit the stores for clients. I can’t buy something just because it’s cute. Everything’s cute, and there will be more cute next week.

12:30pm Conversation leading to lunch: Me: “Hey, can you do a quick lunch?” Friend: “Yes, but it’s got to be light; I can’t fit in my clothes.” Me: “I had three crème brulees at that dinner on Friday night.” Friend: “Did you know they have 75 grams of fat each?” Me: “OK, how about sushi??” Didn’t need to hear about the 75 fat grams!

1:30-3:30pm Finish up personal shopping. Turn in several clients’ clothes at consignment shop. Pick-up shoes at client’s home to return to store. (She wants really pointy black boots; these are too rounded.) Pick-up jewelry from a local designer and drop off at a client’s house.

3:30pm Make a call to DFS secretary to get update on event meeting.

3:45pm Stop at Celebrity Café and grab penne with sauce and Caesar salad for dinner. Place in freezer bag that is in my car at all times.

4pm Pick-up Connor at school. See one of his teachers. Me: “How’s Connor?” Teacher: “Well, he wanted to do his homework standing up and told the aftercare assistant ‘no’ when she asked him to sit down.” Me: (Why did I ask?) Teacher: “It was taken care of, he apologized and sat down.” Me: “OK, great.”

4:30pm Gave away an ant farm of Connor’s as a birthday present to someone else (about a year ago) … promised him a new one, and, of course, he remembers and wants it today. So, we head to the store … only good news is that you actually have special order the ants, and they arrive in three-six weeks.

5pm Arrive home, empty car, review Connor’s folder, eat popcorn, say hi to hubby. Connor wants to watch “Killer Ants” on our DVR. Not sure what’s up with the ant obsession lately. I turn it on and change; wearing high heels everyday for new job is not agreeing with me. Check e-mail. Kent (who works from home) is on a conference call that will probably last through dinner.

5:45pm Connor and I eat. He doesn’t like the pasta (after an obligatory bite), so he settles on leftover salmon and brown rice. Find out he had pudding at lunch and in aftercare. Are there 75 fat grams in pudding? Kent finally comes down; he loves the pasta. Kent and Connor play baseball outside while I begin dishes. Make a few callbacks from the day.

6:30pm Bathe Connor. Then it’s brush, floss, PJs, books. We’re reading about Venice, Italy. I’m quite sure I didn’t know about Venice in the first grade.

7:15pm Dad comes in with a quick impromptu story. This nightly event usually involves Connor playing sports or Connor playing with animals or animals playing sports. Connor cracks up. I try to calm everyone down. Prayers, cuddles and lights out.

7:30pm Finish dishes and make list for Kent to go to the grocery store. A quick trip for cat litter turns into a 20-item journey. If he comes back with ice cream, I’ll kill him. He’s such an enabler.

8pm Cleanup house (if I don’t, we will for sure have a showing the next day), fold clothes, put another load in the washer. Check the outside plants; I really need to water them … tomorrow.

8:30pm Kent’s back. We put up the groceries, and I spot the ice cream. I’m supposed to be a chip person, not a sweet person. I guess I’m both … a little won’t hurt.

9-10:30pm Send e-mails back and forth. Write to-do list for tomorrow. Put clothes in dryer. Why did I start them so late? Check recipe file for dinner tomorrow night; decide on almond-crusted tilapia. Surf eBay for vintage earrings … almost too many choices.

11pm Kent’s on another conference call. I tell him I’m going to bed!