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Christine Cashen

“You got to laugh or you’re gonna cry. …”

This is Christine Cashen’s approach to her two passions in life: her family and her career. The Highland Village mom of two (Donovan, 7, and Camille, 5) had me in stitches within minutes of meeting her.

Originally from Michigan, Cashen received her bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Central Michigan University and went on to complete graduate school in Chicago. But, with school behind her, she took a job that was less than ideal. “I sat in a small office with no windows and did paperwork all day—definitely not for me,” she says. Unexpectedly, she found herself unemployed, but Cashen considers it a turning point in her life. Now an author, an internationally acclaimed speaker and one of America’s top humoristas, she calls herself “a funny girl with news you can use.” She makes her living motivating others with her personal brand of humor. She travels all over the nation speaking to businesses and corporations about ways to handle conflict, reduce stress and energize employees.

As she describes the professional road she’s traveled, I see a confident, dynamic woman who put aside fear and unabashedly pursued her dreams. But like any mother who is passionate about both family and career, Cashen occasionally deals with what she calls “mom guilt”—wondering if she’s there enough for her family. But, she says, maintaining balance and being married to an incredibly supportive spouse (dubbed St. Gregg) helps her get past her fears.

Her book, The Good Stuff, was released in April 2010. And although the majority of it is geared toward corporate audiences, she includes plenty on family, marriage and relationships.

Cashen’s take on mommyhood? She shrugs her shoulders as she sums up her motto: “It is what it is! I do the best with what I have.” All of a sudden, Camille appears, donning a necktie, blazer and hat; she’s giggling as she holds a banana up to her ear, speaking into it as if it were a phone. “Life is an adventure with her,” says Cashen, smiling.

Though Donovan is at school, mom paints a vivid picture of him, allowing me to glimpse him through her eyes. “He’s a lover not a fighter,” she says of her tenderhearted son.

It’s clear that Camille, Donovan and St. Gregg bring just as much to Cashen’s life as she brings to theirs.

“We love, love, love and we laugh, laugh, laugh,” she says. And it’s those two things—love and laughter—that are apparent around the Cashen home.