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Celebration Park in Allen

Kids could get lost at Celebration Park in Allen. This wheelchair-accessible, colorful kids’ wonderland is full of ramps, slides, ladders and educational games that are sure to entertain for hours, but it’s lacking in a few basic safety features.

One problem stems from the very thing that makes the park unique: its sheer size. It’s essentially six climbing structures connected by ramps to form a maze-like romping arena, so it’d be easy to lose sight of your child.

Assuming you keep the kids in check though (and keep the little ones off the climbing maze, as there’s no barrier), there’s plenty of fun and educational entertainment. Kids can climb a rock wall; peek out a telescope; or practice spelling their name, pointing out their age or determining the weather.

Location: 701 Angel Pkwy., Allen
Why it’s noteworthy: KidMania is a rainbow-colored, community-built playground that is wheelchair accessible and features adaptive swings. Ramps crisscross the sprawling play structures, and kids can find educational panels to practice spelling and counting.
Extras: The adjoining spray ground is also easily accessible for those who use wheelchairs — and so refreshing after zooming around the expansive playground.
Safety: KidMania scored an A* on the Safety Report Card, but young children will need extra-careful supervision since the equipment is marked for all ages.
+ Ample parking
+ Equipment design prevents climbing outside the structure
+ Equipment is free of noticeable gaps and head entrapments

– No separate areas for children ages 2–5 and 5–12
– Equipment is not completely free of rust

Overall grade: 4/5 stars