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7 Ways Celebrate Halloween with a Baby

The inspo you need for the cutest and spookiest season ever

Whether you’re a new parent and it’s your baby’s first Halloween or you have a few young kids, it can be difficult to figure out how to celebrate Spooky Season as a family. So we found 7 easy ways to have fun on Halloween with your tiny ghouls and goblins, from dressing up in costume to making crafts, and reading Halloween-themed books. However you decide to celebrate Halloween with your baby this year, make sure to tag us @dfwchildmag on Instagram—we love seeing your pics!

1. Read Halloween-themed books all month long.

It’s always a good idea to read books aloud to your baby, no matter how young they are. After all, reading to babies boosts brain power, fosters strong connections, improves language skills, and more. So pick out your favorite Halloween-themed books for babies and read them all season long! Our personal faves include Spooky Pookie (who doesn’t love Sandra Boynton’s books?!), Little Blue Truck’s Halloween (beep, beep!), You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie, and Baby Touch and Feel: Halloween ($5.99). 

2. Visit a pumpkin patch and make sure to take lots of photos.

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns, and it’s never too early to take your kids to the pumpkin patch! Browse our list of the best pumpkin patches in Dallas-Fort Worth to find the perfect one to visit with your little one. While you’re there, make sure to snap some photos of your cutie among the pumpkins for Instagram.

3. Make Halloween crafts for babies to decorate your home.

You might be thinking, what Halloween crafts can I possibly do with my baby?! But there are a few things you can make at home to celebrate Spooky Season. Of course, they mostly have to do with your little one’s tiny hands and feet. Check out this tutorial for salt dough to make handprint decorations, then paint them like Halloween characters. Or make tiny footprints into ghoulish characters and candy, like Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, or candy corn. If you have older kids, make a family of handprint spiders to place around the house. And if you’re planning to have a Halloween-themed photoshoot with your baby, try making this ghostly footprint sign

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4. Find the perfect baby Halloween costume for your little cutie.

Take inspiration from these tiny tots dressed up for Halloween! Whether you want to find a funny, classic, nostalgic, or pop culture Halloween costume for your baby, you’ll find plenty of ideas here (or browse Instagram using #babyhalloweencostume).

Classic Baby Halloween Costumes

Show off your cutest pumpkin in the patch with this fleece bodysuit from Pottery Barn Kids ($59). The costume comes with a hat but you’ll need to supply the onesie and leggings your baby wears under it.

pumpkin baby halloween costume

There’s no bones about it: Baby skeletons are the cutest! This skeleton onesie from Old Navy ($8) is comfy and it comes in sizes for the whole family. Bonus: It glows in the dark! Old Navy also has a matching hoodie-and-pants blue skeleton set ($26.99).

skeleton onesie

What’s Halloween without witches? This crafty witch costume is extra cute, with orange rickrack, striped long sleeves, and a matching hat. Now all your little one needs is a broom and a familiar!

baby witch costume

Food-Themed Halloween Costumes for Babies

Gumball Machine
Your baby can’t eat candy yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed like candy! This gumball machine costume is a relatively easy DIY. Just sew or glue different colored pom poms on a baby hat or bonnet and make a price tag to attach to your child’s shirt. Or make it look like a more classic gumball machine by dressing your tot in black pants and a red shirt.

Classic Food Pairings
Have twins on your hands? Why not opt for a classic food pairing for their Halloween costume? Party City has this cute bacon and eggs set ($30) and salt and pepper shakers ($30). But why not stop there? Other classic food pairings that would make adorable baby Halloween costumes are peas and carrots, ketchup and mustard, milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly…shall we continue?

bacon and eggs costume

You wrap your baby up like a burrito every night for sleep, so why not swaddle them to look like an actual burrito for Halloween? If you can’t find a silver blanket, any plain tan or white blanket will do. For the veggies, cut shapes out of felt, and sew or glue them together. Then tuck them into the wrap or attach them to a plain onesie.

Pop Culture Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Harry Potter
How cute is this tiny Harry Potter?! You can either purchase some Gryffindor garb, or dress your little wizard in gold and maroon. However your cutie is dressed, people will know who they are so long as there’s a lightning bolt scar on their forehead.

Baby Yoda
Whether you’re planning a Star Wars-themed family costume or you’re obsessed with Grogu, you can’t go wrong with dressing your little one as a baby Yoda! We love this crocheted baby Yoda beanie ($16.80-$26.60). To complete the look you’ll just need a tan robe or onesie. (Bonus: The hat can be made in any size, so if you or your partner wants to match your tot, you can!)

yoda hat for kids

Tommy from Rugrats
Did you watch Rugrats as a kid? Pay homage to the best Nickelodeon show of the ’90s by dressing your baby as one of the gang. While Chuckie was arguably the best (that hair and those purple glasses!), the easiest costume you can pull together is Tommy’s. You just need a diaper and an aqua T-shirt.

Cabbage Patch Kid
Go for a nostalgic costume by dressing your baby as a Cabbage Patch Kid. This is probably one of the easiest costumes you could choose. Dress your little cutie in one of their adorable outfits (or opt for the classic OshKosh overalls) and top it off with this Cabbage Patch-inspired hat that looks like the dolls’ hair ($26).

cabbage patch kid wig for baby

5. Or dress up in a family Halloween costume with your baby.

Want to make dressing up a family affair? Check out these ideas for your family Halloween costume! 

Your Favorite Movie

The Addams Family is a classic family Halloween costume. Plus, a lot of the components may likely already be in your closet. Complete your tiny Wednesday’s look with this crochet hat that looks like her iconic braided pigtails. Ghostbusters is an easily achievable family costume, too. All you need is tan coveralls for all the busters and a tiny Stay Puft Marshmallow baby. Or if you have older children, choose one of their favorite movies, like Toy Story, Coco, or Minions

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Chef and Pot of Spaghetti

If you love to cook or have a chef in the family, this costume is a no-brainer! Plus, it’s easy to incorporate a baby carrier. You can get a chef’s coat and hat on Amazon, or grab this Chef & Spaghetti Baby costume ($30) from Party City. If you choose to DIY this one, don’t stop at spaghetti. Think: a baby lobster in a pot, a tiny ear of corn, or any other food that you cook in a pot.

chef and pot of spaghetti family halloween costume

A League of Their Own

With the release of the Amazon Prime remake of this classic movie, we’re hoping to see lots of little Rockford Peaches teams! You can find uniforms in all sizes on Amazon, including for baby, mom, and dad.

a league of their own family costume

Your Child’s (or Your) Favorite Picture Book

Does your child have a favorite book they make you read at bedtime every. Single. Night? Who are we kidding, of course they do! Use Halloween as an opportunity to dress like your little one’s favorite story, like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, as Max and Wild Things from Where the Wild Things Are, or a baby Very Hungry Caterpillar (with parents as the food the caterpillar eats).

Your Favorite Song

Think about your favorite song and how you can portray it in costume. Here, you can learn how to make your own “Ice, Ice, Baby” costume from The Thinking Closet’s blog post. Or you can purchase T-shirts and a onesie from ElevenThirteenENT’s Etsy shop ($17.99-$26.09). If you have a toddler that you want to involve in this family halloween costume, dress them up like Vanilla Ice! 

ice ice baby family costume

6. Have a Halloween baby photoshoot at home.

Whether you want the perfect Instagram post to welcome the season, want a special way to memorialize your cutie’s first Halloween, or you want a seasonal monthly photo to mark your little one’s age, we’ve got you covered with these five Halloween baby photoshoot ideas you can do at home.

Put your baby in a pumpkin.

When you visit the pumpkin patch this fall, make sure to pick up a gourd that’s big enough for your baby to sit in. Then cut off the top, hollow it out, cut some holes for your baby’s legs, and decorate the pumpkin if you want. This tutorial takes you through the process step by step. And if your baby is too small to sit up in the pumpkin, you don’t need to add leg holes, just let your tiny tot curl up in the pumpkin for a snooze.

Utilize letter boards and Halloween-themed onesies.

We love baby and letter board pics on Instagram—especially when it’s punny! The most difficult thing here will be coming up with what to put on the letter board… So here are a few ideas: Bad to the Bone, Hey Boo, Oh My Gourd, or The Pick of the Patch.

Baby pumpkin bum, need we say more?!

Baby butts are cute, but you likely don’t want to plaster it all over social media. So try this instead. When your baby is laying on their belly in their birthday suit, hold a small pumpkin above them to cover their bum and snap a photo.

Surround your baby with candy for a sweet pic.

This idea is so cute and sweet, we could just eat it up! Swaddle your tiny tot in an orange blanket, put on a candy corn-colored hat, and lay them in a bed of candy corn for a delightful seasonal pic. Or you can keep it simple by dressing them in a Halloween-themed outfit and lay them down surrounded by your favorite fun-sized candy bars.

Use mini pumpkins to create the number in your monthly post.

If you’re posting monthly photos of your baby on Instagram, take inspiration from Sainty Nelsen. Rather than use month stickers, she used seasonal items to create the number. So pick up however many mini pumpkins you need at the pumpkin patch or farmer’s market to achieve this look. Bonus: The mini pumpkins can be reused as decorations when you’re done!

7. Host a baby-friendly Halloween party for your parent friends.

If you have other new-parent friends, chances are they’re also looking for ways to celebrate Halloween with their babies. Plan and host a baby-friendly Halloween costume party! Make it extra-special by having a Halloween backdrop to take pictures in front of for the ‘gram, have spooky mocktail options for breast-feeding and pregnant moms, and ghoulish treats. And no Halloween party is complete without a candy bar full of all your favorite fun-sized treats.

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