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Celebrate autism awareness month during April

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month at Home

join the Kindness Campaign and more

Welcome to April! Yes, we’re still quarantining, but it’s also Autism Awareness Month and we wanted to share some ways you can celebrate this month from home.

In addition to offering our own ideas, we reached out to Autism Speaks and picked their brains on what you can do to celebrate.

As part of Autism Speaks’ 15th anniversary, the organization is kicking off the Kindness Campaign. The campaign aims to get people around the world to create a kinder, more inclusive world. To participate, go to autismspeaks.org/kindness.

While you’re there, you can:

  • Complete an act of kindness virtually or in your home and take the online pledge
  • Share on social media with the “I Pledged” badge and nominate three others to do the same
  • Donate or start a Facebook fundraiser to benefit the organization
  • Sign up to host a Kindness Break to virtually spread kindness through the community
  • Check out the organization’s tools and resources to advocate for those with autism in your communities

A few ideas from us:

  • Wear blue! Or light up your house blue.
  • Share stories and photos from the autism community
  • Read books about individuals with autism
  • Watch movies about individuals with autism
  • Decorate a puzzle piece or ribbon that you can put on your fridge or send to a friend
  • Spread awareness by sharing information about autism on social media

How are you spreading awareness and celebrating Autism Awareness Month? Tell us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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