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Vibe: You can get yourself a regular sultan’s feast inside this converted private house on Hemphill Boulevard in South Fort Worth. Just park on the uneven bricks, cross the threshold and find a table as the sounds of north African music and the smells of cumin and lamb surround you. This is the place to go if you want huge quantities of hummus, yogurt dip, feta cheese, shish kebab with rice and fresh baked flat bread for $9.99 a person. Kids are half price.

Why It’s Tot-Friendly: 


Celaborelle Restaurant

2257 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, 817/922-8118

Open Tuesday through Sunday; call for hours

A low-key, kid-friendly atmosphere — no white tablecloth set here.

Be Sure to Try: The eggplant dip and the three kinds of baklava, all of which are excellent.

Good to Know: There are vegetarian selections for those who want them; just ask. Kids love to rip the flatbread into bits then dip it into the sauces.

Best Time to Go With Kids: Any time Celaborells is open is good, but be sure to call ahead, since hours change.