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Behind the Scenes with Catherine Giudici Lowe

Catherine Giudici Lowe is, in her words, “an open book.” Since falling in love with entrepreneur Sean Lowe during the 2013 season of The Bachelor (and marrying him in a live television ceremony a year later), she’s lived — and thrived — in the public eye.

“Sean and I share everything in our interviews and on Instagram,” she says. (It’s @catherinegiudici, in case you’re curious.) “We’re transparent about the way we live and make sure we stay true to ourselves.” So transparent, in fact, that they once took a polygraph test on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to prove their commitment to celibacy until marriage. Truly, nothing is off limits.

A Dallas transplant by way of Seattle, Lowe now has more fodder than ever for her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Last year, she welcomed her first child, 6-month-old Samuel, and launched LoweCo., a luxury stationary brand. After graduating from Washington State University with an advertising degree, Lowe worked in marketing and graphic design for companies such as Naked Juice, Philips AVENT and Amazon.

Her stint on The Bachelor (and subsequent TV appearances including Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars) put her career on hiatus, but Lowe’s creative drive never fizzled. Melding the mom’s professional background with her innate creativity, LoweCo. is sourced entirely in Dallas. High-quality paper is blind embossed (a method of embossing without ink) with fun messages such as “Happy Happy,” “Isn’t She Lovely” and “Woo Hoo.” “I used that passion I had for designing and creating and married it with my love of punny Instagram captions,” she says. “It’s a way to show people you love them.”

One-on-One with Catherine

DFWChild: Last year was a big year. You turned 30 and had your first baby …
Catherine Giudici Lowe: I was never scared of 30. I’m excited about what 30 has to bring — and having a baby is so beautiful. Sean and I knew that we were going to have a big family, and we’re blessed that we get to start our family with a healthy boy.

C: So more kids are in the cards?
CGL: For sure. I want to see a girl version of me. And I want Samuel to grow up knowing how to share and to have best friends for life.

C: How was your pregnancy?
CGL: I had a really easy time. I was never a big drinker, so that wasn’t something that bothered me. I had zero morning sickness and didn’t have any cravings.

C: What’s the best piece of new-mom advice you were given?
CGL: To be present and grateful in all moments  — even if it’s waking up at 4am.

C: What kind of mom do you envision yourself becoming?
CGL: I want to make sure I’m an honest mom, someone that Samuel and his siblings can trust and talk to and be friendly with. But we’re not going to just be best friends; I want there to be boundaries and rules.

Life with Sean Lowe

C: How has parenthood changed the dynamic between you and Sean?
A lot. I was always doting on Sean and romancing him; now I’m kind of obsessed with my baby. I definitely need to work a little harder to reconnect with Sean.

C: Are you able to squeeze in date nights?
Sean’s mom hangs out with Samuel every week. We get “Lovey Day” — that’s her grandma name — so we get to spend time with each other doing things for ourselves. But we definitely need to make more time for date nights.

C: What’s your favorite way to spend time together?
CGL: We love sushi. We love to do marathons of movies.

Running LoweCo

C: How have you balanced a new business with a new baby?
We make it work. I have an assistant who comes to my house, I thought having a new business before having a baby would give me a reason to stay home, but when you’re your own boss — especially in the first year — it’s time to hustle. Now I have two babies that need a lot of attention. It’s been an interesting challenge trying to balance those two.

C: What is your big-picture dream for LoweCo?
I’d like for it to be a lifestyle brand. I recently made nursery wallpaper for Samuel in the style of my cards. Wayfair has given me the option to potentially do some wallpaper with them. And we’re doing cards that are plantable and grow into wildflowers.

C: What other creative outlets do you have?
Home decorating and fashion. I love to cook.

C: You’re originally from Seattle. Does Dallas feel like home yet?
Definitely. It’s funny how much of a Dallasite I am after having a hard time acclimating. It’s a totally different landscape from Seattle, but I’m becoming a local.

Life Post-Bachelor

C: When your kids get older and ask how mom and dad met, what will you say?
We don’t have to say a thing. We just show them the tape of Mommy and Daddy looking at each other for the first time. It’s a digital scrapbook for us and we’re so proud of the way that our parts were documented. That’s the reason we’re together, so there’s no reason not to share that with our kids.

C: Are you a religious reality TV viewer?
CGL: I love Bravo. We watch The Bachelor. We still live tweet the show and feel very engaged in the community.

C: What was the most surprising thing about being on The Bachelor?
CGL: It’s really authentic — not scripted whatsoever.

C: Do you still get recognized?
All the time. Our followers are so kind. It’s so lovely for Sean and me to connect with these people who feel like they know us — which they do. They’ve seen how we first kissed and they’ve seen us exchange vows … it makes you feel good about documenting that part of your life.

C: What is your favorite way to spend alone time?
Bravo is a big one. I watch my Vanderpump Rules, Ladies of London and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I also love to get a manicure/pedicure or massage.

C: Favorite splurge meal?
Domino’s Pizza. We’re not quiet about our pizza obsession.

C: Favorite vacation destination?
Hawaii. Sean took me there right before we got pregnant and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

C: How would your best friend describe you in three words?
Silly, inventive and generous.

C: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, kooky and creative.

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