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Capital City Cool

From the live music venues to the unpretentious, yet amazing food scene, Austin is typically known for its bustling nightlife, but the capital city offers a host of family-friendly attractions and activities that keep it fun for kids too.

All Aboard the Texas State Railroad

Palestine is one of our favorite escapes from the busy, city life. The smell of the pine trees, the cool breezes and the fun, family activities make this an ideal location for kids of all ages.

Head South to a Dude Ranch in Bandera

One of the best ways to show children life on a ranch is to fully immerse yourself at a dude ranch for a few days. So last fall, we took the children to the Mayan Dude Ranch in central Texas.

Cool Waters

In the summertime, Texans love to dip their toes (and more) in the cool waters of the Hamilton Pool Preserve near Austin.

Small Town Texas

Pack up your bags, tighten up your britches and take the family for a tour of some of the best small towns in Texas for curious kids and parents looking to have a little fun of their own.

A Cool Escape

Close your eyes and imagine dipping your toes into crisp, cold water on a hot Texas summer day. Now open your eyes, get in your car, and drive to Garner State Park.

San Francisco

Take a family vacation to San Francisco for world-class food, award-winning museums and tons of free activities for kids of all ages.