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Back to the Root

We did the tasting for you and put together a list of places around town where you can find handmade, homemade and craft root beer worth splurging on.

Tart Bakery

A cute and modern take on a vintage bakery, Tart offers a fresh twist. Not only does the bakery boast fantastic sweets and enviable cakes, but also a collection of delightful stationary and greeting cards.

A Sip of History

If you’re feeling nostalgic, pop in to the Highland Park Soda Fountain and Pharmacy for American food and desserts in an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Burger House

Burgers, fries, and shakes are the specialty at this charming, old-fashioned joint.

Brio Tuscan Grille

Brio brings all your savory memories of Italy back to the table with an extensive kids’ menu and fabulous brunch.

Jamba Juice

Vibe: Jamba’s style is decidedly health-nut chic. Holistic practices and ingredients are a way of life here, but they serve…

Joe T. Garcia's

Established in 1935, the legendary Joe T’s fuels the fires of Cowtown’s love affair with Mexican food.

Joe's Crab Shack

Fun is the name of the game at Joe’s, so don’t think you’ll dine without a little dancing or singing on the side.


We already know it has been voted the best in Fort Worth, in Texas, even the entire US of A…

La Familia

Family ties and personal attention are paramount at this family-owned, family-oriented Cowtown classic.

Lonesome Dove

No kid is left behind even with Lonesome Dove’s world-class menu and ingredients.