Special Needs

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Beneath the Surface

Living with love, chaos and a child with a mental illness; Mental illness looks different on kids and often puts families in a bewildering path of faulty assumptions, confusing symptoms and changing game plans

Slamming Doors

Nick turns 21 in October, and the state believes that his overnight services no longer need to be funded. The state agencies currently support Nick and his needs as a minor. In a few months, Nick runs the risk of having all of this stripped away.

Evans Park in Plano

There are two slides, monkey bars, six swings (including two for babies) and a built-in tic-tac-toe board and alphabet wall. The play set, however, does look old, showing signs of wear and tear with faded paint and rusted spots.

Choose to Be Thankful

When it comes to raising a child or children with special needs, there are so many ways that you can choose to look at things. I choose to be thankful.