Special Needs

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Wanderlust Solution

There’s a new device that gives peace of mind to caregivers of meandering children with autism or other neurological challenges….

Jump Start

With a master’s degree in special education, North Texas mom Melanie Fowler knew a lot about kids with developmental delays….

TRUST in the Future

When 1-year-old Trey underwent brain surgery in an attempt to squelch the painful and life-threatening seizures his body continually endured…

HUNT for a Cure

When Imana, 6-year-old daughter of Gayla Culp of Carrollton, began to struggle with her speech and motor skills, the family…

Grand Expectations

Grandparents. The dictionary lists the word as a noun: a parent of one’s father or mother. Perhaps it should also…

The Silent Syndrome

Fragile X, an inherited genetic disorder that can wreak havoc on families, is hard to detect and more common than you think.

Legislation News

Federal Bill to Enable Special Tax-Free Savings If passed, The ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) Act will allow individuals…