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Cruel Summer

It’s that time of year again. Summertime means kids of all ages play baseball, swim and spend days running around…

On Call

Imagine this: Your child’s speech therapy session starts in 30 minutes. But instead of running around, loading the car and…

Silent Sufferers

In the short term, having a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can make a child lose his sense of self. He may be embarrassed to bring friends home. Long term, children with parents who suffer from addiction have an increased incidence of academic problems, mental illness, criminal behavior and early use — and abuse — of the same substances that bind and restrict their parents.

Take a Seat

So here I sit watching the rainbow of scrub-wearing personnel enter and exit, fill orders, check vitals then repeat.

The Sibling Superhero

Our daughter Kiersten is 9, and along with the standard drama, trials and tribulations that accompany a pre-tween, our little lady faces the added daily stress of living with and worrying about siblings with serious issues.

Will This Be the Time?

Death is a difficult subject to talk about and near impossible when it comes to your children, but my wife and I have had to have that conversation.

Words of Appreciation

Each week, four therapists, eight nurses and six attendants cross the threshold of our home to love and care for our children, and we are so blessed to have them.

Beneath the Surface

Living with love, chaos and a child with a mental illness; Mental illness looks different on kids and often puts families in a bewildering path of faulty assumptions, confusing symptoms and changing game plans

Slamming Doors

Nick turns 21 in October, and the state believes that his overnight services no longer need to be funded. The state agencies currently support Nick and his needs as a minor. In a few months, Nick runs the risk of having all of this stripped away.