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Laugh Out Loud

Stomping Ground Comedy Theater is unrolling Improv for Life, a series of therapeutic comedy classes for teens and adults with anxiety, autism, dementia and brain injuries, run by psychotherapist Andrea K. Baum.

Art For All

Nine-year-old Pablo Mosquera Garcia didn’t get much out of going to art museums. Cultural venues like art museums and theaters…

All Ears

In a bit of music to our ears, Dallas Children’s Theater is working to become more inclusive by rolling out professional-grade assistive listening devices (ALDs) for…

Cruel Summer

It’s that time of year again. Summertime means kids of all ages play baseball, swim and spend days running around…

Fun For All

Traci Goldenbaum, 38, sometimes feels like she’s just not measuring up. She often feels like she doesn’t provide enough opportunities…

Take a Seat

So here I sit watching the rainbow of scrub-wearing personnel enter and exit, fill orders, check vitals then repeat.