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Massage for Two

Pregnancy takes a toll on the entire body. It does a number on your posture, compresses your lower back, weakens…

Why Three Mothers Placed Their Babies For Adoption

Women with unplanned pregnancies face difficult decisions as they contemplate their abilities to parent as well as their educational prospects, financial situations and personal aspirations. Often, adoption is a logical, albeit heartbreaking, solutio

Baby Block

These days, my long, contemplative commutes have been replaced with 45 minutes in the car, some of which is spent singing nursery rhymes with a 2-year-old on our way to day-care drop-off.

Paranoid Parenting's Pitfalls

Given all the scary segments on nightly newscasts, it’s easy to assume that predators hide behind every corner. Has the inundation of graphic images bolstered an epidemic of paranoid parenting?

Moms Living With Sleep Deprivation

More than 30 percent of married women with children do not get sufficient sleep, and nearly 45 percent of single moms fall short of the recommended seven hours (at least) of sleep each night.

Retail Genetic Testing

What if you could learn whether your baby is at risk to one day develop a painful or incurable disease? Should you send off a sample of saliva and a check for $399 to find out?