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Lean on Me

Where parents of children with special needs can find community, support and space to be themselves.

Retying The Knot

Caring for two little ones, working full time and traveling for work took a toll on our marriage, but we recognized this early and have spent the last several months working on reconnecting.

How to Make Fellow Mom Friends

Instantly, I recognized her as a fellow traveler on the weird journey of new motherhood. And with that stroke of courage on her part, Stacy quickly became one of my closest friends.

Teaching Kids to Think for Themselves

Most brain development in children happens before the age of 3. So parents are encouraged to actively engage in their child’s initial touching, talking, reading and playing experiences, which leads to successful parent-guided parent-child collaborations in the future. That’s right: The molding of good decision makers starts at infancy and grows from there.

Paranoid Parenting's Pitfalls

Given all the scary segments on nightly newscasts, it’s easy to assume that predators hide behind every corner. Has the inundation of graphic images bolstered an epidemic of paranoid parenting?

Peeping Mom

Monitoring children has been a hotly contested topic in recent years with the introduction of apps and software that let parents keep tabs on, well, everything their child does. Some classify this as parenting; others (like myself) look at it as an invasion of privacy that might actually do more harm than good.

The (Marriage) Dating Game

Never stop dating your spouse. Date nights show a willingness to make the other person a priority by setting aside one-on-one time and working to constantly develop the relationship.