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Catherine Harrell

After years of responding to midnight pager alerts as a medical resident, Fort Worth dermatologist Dr. Catherine Harrell, now welcomes waking to the sound of her crying baby Samuel, who arrived in December of last year

Why Three Mothers Placed Their Babies For Adoption

Women with unplanned pregnancies face difficult decisions as they contemplate their abilities to parent as well as their educational prospects, financial situations and personal aspirations. Often, adoption is a logical, albeit heartbreaking, solutio

Baby Block

These days, my long, contemplative commutes have been replaced with 45 minutes in the car, some of which is spent singing nursery rhymes with a 2-year-old on our way to day-care drop-off.

Katy Lopez

Katy and her husband, Josue, a technical recruiter in IT whom she met in high school 17 years ago, are anticipating the arrival of their baby boy with well-documented and barely-contained glee.

Laura Hilton

Fashion blogger, Laura Hilton, and her husband, Nick, who works in medical sales, are eagerly anticipating welcoming their daughter to their Lake Highlands home.

Expedition: Parenthood

OH BABY! Doctor confirms that my recent aversion to co-worker’s perfume isn’t just in my head—I’m pregnant. Let the journey…