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Tracey Rauen

Tracey Rauen lives in Coppell with her husband, James, and sons, Jake, 6, Will and Sam, who are both 3.

Sarah Larkin

Larkin lives in Frisco with her two children and husband, Jim, a financial advisor for Ameriprise. She is an account executive for Collective Media.

Davina Rhine

Davina Rhine, 30, lives in East Dallas with her family: Jason Leon, 27, a carpenter for Comunilux Productions and punk-rock…

Call Me (Just Not Right Now)

Before you dial, ask yourself: Who are you calling? If the answer is a mother, then what time are you calling? Is it naptime, dinnertime or bedtime (or, worse, whine time)?

Give Me a (Spring) Break

Unlike my carefree college days when spring break meant buying a new bikini and piling into a hotel room with six girlfriends, this seasonal tradition now revolves around spill-proof pants, DVD players and Dramamine.

Cindy Pierce

Cindy Pierce is the mom of one son, Connor, 6, who is in his first year at St. Mark’s School…