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Tempering Tantrums

Over-the-top tantrums may indicate deeper emotional trouble in young children, according to a new report in the January 2008 Journal…

Born to Be Bad

Nature or nurture? Some kids are just born to be troublesome, according to a new report in the journal Child…

Almost 13

The following are a list of goals my son set for himself not long ago: 1)      Get Star Wars movies…

Stress-Proof Your Kids

Think of stress-proofing your kids as planning for an emergency, like a fire. Smart families create an evacuation plan for their homes; that way, when a fire happens, everyone knows what to do.

Buses Buckle Up?

An unlucky Denton 11-year-old kicked off this school year in the hospital after suffering broken ribs and internal injuries when his school bus bounced over a pot hole.