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Beating the Bullies

Bullying is an issue with which many parents today are faced— and sadly, children with differences tend to be targeted. While you are…

Flu Review

Flu season is well underway! The Center for Disease Control details the best ways to protect against the flu, such…

Matters of the Heart

According to reports, an estimated 3.5 percent of all kids and teens have hypertension. Here’s the lowdown on high blood pressure in kids.

The Best Defense

Looking to learn something new? Empowering as they are practical, self-defense classes help women learn to protect themselves and others…

Mind Your Child’s Mind

Overall brain health is about more than what kids eat. When they sleep, their activity level and how secure they feel are also key contributors to their overall well-being and brain health, experts say. So parents need to help their kids find the right balance of food, activity and sleep—and make sure kids feel secure—so those developing brains function better.