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Update: BPA Bottle Safety

Smart parents are abandoning plastic baby bottles and sippy cups (along with their own water bottles), based on recent report from the National Toxicology Program.

Monitoring Kids' TV Time

Parents are turning off the television in order to spend more time interacting with their children and building relationships, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Health Hazards of Easter Sweets

Online Exclusive: Can Easter sweets lead to sour behavior? Renowned research institution the Feingold Association says yes. How to keep artificial ingredients out of your kids’ Easter baskets.

Nutrition Data

Want to know how many calories are in that Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappuccino? (400, and that’s with no whipped cream)…

Buses Buckle Up?

An unlucky Denton 11-year-old kicked off this school year in the hospital after suffering broken ribs and internal injuries when his school bus bounced over a pot hole.

Can a Trip to the Dentist Be Fun?

Not only do these children’s specialists have special training, equipment and procedures designed especially for children, but also their non-stuffy approach and kid-friendly atmosphere are the perfect icebreakers for your nervous Nellie.