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Going Back to School Gluten-free

Worried about your child’s diet as he starts back to school? Don’t be. Gastroenterologist Dustin James shares advice for helping your child stick to a gluten-free diet at school.

Nighttime Potty Training

If potty training is over, why does she still have trouble overnight? Here are six tips for helping her last the night, starting with adjusting your own assumptions about nighttime potty training.

Made in America

Next time you hit the pool, show off your patriotism by rocking all American-made goods. Here are 7 pool-friendly products made in the USA.

Toxic Furniture

Furniture manufacturers use flame-retardant chemicals to make sure furniture passes an open-flame test. But these chemicals are a danger to your family.

Prepping Your Dog for Baby

Add baby to the family and oftentimes the family dog drops quickly on the priority list or is removed from the household altogether. Before your baby arrives, prepare your dog for the changes ahead.

Family Fitness

When exercise becomes part of the family culture, everyone wins. There are several tips to keep in mind when it comes to…


Nerdy new kid Will Burton is befriended by the popular Charlotte to manage her rock band, in hopes that they beat her ex-boyfriend’s band in a contest.