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Parents playing games with kids at home during covid-19

Your Family + COVID-19

Dr. Jihan Woods is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in Dallas and she shared her thoughts on what families need to know about coronavirus, school shutdowns, quarantine and mental health.

Doctor checking patient; virtual medicine; telemedicine

Virtual Medicine Options for Families

With reports of Coronavirus confirmed in Dallas, Collin and Tarrant Counties, using a virtual doctor or having a practitioner come to you sounds more appealing than hanging out in a germy waiting room.

Mom and son using hand sanitizer and DIY sanitizing products

4 DIY Sanitizing Products

As a result of the coronavirus concern, stores are selling out of some cleaning products. So we found 4 DIY sanitizing product recipes that you should try.

Hand Washing 101

Hand washing is extremely important to prevent the spread of illness. Do you really know how to wash your hands properly?