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When a partnership fails, the possibility that the family will become poverty-stricken greatly increases. Not only that, research shows that people in failing relationships are less productive at work, and more likely to fall into substance abuse. Children from fragmented homes do not perform as well in school as their peers from stable two-parent homes. And both children and adults with a poor-quality family life experience more emotional distress, anxiety and depression.

Why Won't My Child Sleep?

With the school year approaching, start working out your kids’ sleep problems now. Here are 6 common sleep problems and how to solve them, plus local sleep centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Teaching Kids to Think for Themselves

Most brain development in children happens before the age of 3. So parents are encouraged to actively engage in their child’s initial touching, talking, reading and playing experiences, which leads to successful parent-guided parent-child collaborations in the future. That’s right: The molding of good decision makers starts at infancy and grows from there.

Diagnosing Autism in Infants

A new study is the first to show that it may be possible to predict which high-risk infants (those who have an older sibling with autism) would be diagnosed with autism at 24 months.

An Adventure-Themed Baby Shower

With inspiration from mom-to-be Lacy’s love for geometric shapes, party hosts put an eclectic spin on the shower’s decorations which doubled as nursery furnishings for her newly renovated home.