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Elementary Truancy

Too many tardies could land you and your first-grader in court as more districts crack down on elementary truancy.

Back to School with ADHD

Parents who have children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are on their toes year-round, but their child’s symptoms become…

Admissions Testing

It may seem like school has only just begun, but if you’re thinking about placing your child in private school,…

Tech for Tykes

It seems that children can naturally navigate technology in ways that would take many adults much longer to figure out….

Higher Learning

When Pam Ekren asked her fifth graders at Irving’s J.R. Good Elementary who had been to McDonalds, only half the…

STAAR Students

Texas students graduating with the class of 2015 and beyond will be STAAR-approved—that is, students must pass a new generation…