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Cassy Lawson

In 2010, Cassy Lawson, along with friend Julie Petit, decided to create Project Mom, an organization that hosts yearly events for moms of all ages and stages. The event enriches and educates moms on everyday topics such as meal planning, organization and couponing. Today, she and her husband Chad make loving their three children – Cohen, 4; Channing, 2; and Campbell, 1 – their life project.

What prompted you to start an organization just for moms? In my previous job I was registering my ministry team for a conference, and I started thinking about how good everyone was at their job when they returned from the event. Probably because of the hormones from just having a baby, I started to feel guilty I wasn’t doing something to improve me as a mom. I read all the parenting books, but there was something about this live event that was like a shot in the arm. I started dreaming, and in two weeks I had a whole business model. In September 2010 we did the Project Mom Pilot Summit, and it was that day that I realized we had something. Now we’re in our third year with events in Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

Most stressful part of planning the events? I’m naturally a plan-ahead type of person, so that helps me balance things with my kids, but many weeks I have to step back and remember, OK, I can’t – for the sake of making other moms better – make myself worse. I constantly have to recheck my focus. The biggest struggle is saying OK, at 2pm I don’t care what isn’t done, I’m going to be with my kids.

Is your life a tight-wire balancing act or juggling show? Can I answer juggling on a tight-wire? I tend to run a pretty tight ship for myself, because I feel like there are a lot of people counting on me. I would describe myself as an ultimate multitasking mom.

Multitasking secret? My list. I live and die by my list. If I don’t put brush my teeth on there, I might not. No, not really – but it helps. I would say always think ahead and have your list ready. When your kids go down for a nap, have your nap list to reference. I don’t ever feel stressed trying to remember what I’m supposed to do, because as soon as it comes into my head I write it down. Then I can be engaged with my husband, my kids or wherever I am in that moment.

When’s the last time you slept in? What is sleeping in? I slept until 7am once. I get up at 4:57am and do a boot camp. I hate getting out of bed, but when I get back and everyone is still asleep and I’ve already gotten my workout and quiet time done, it’s the best feeling.

What do you hear yourself saying over and over? “Did you wash your hands?” My 4-year-old is doing all things potty by himself now – everything – so I’m always on him to wash, and my 2-year-old wants to touch everything, so her hands are always sticky.

What do you love most about being a mom? I only know as far up as 4 years old, but I love how every day is different. The kids don’t hold anything against you for very long. If I’ve messed up as mom, they don’t know and they’re very forgiving. Every day is exciting. I never know the things that will come out of my kids’ mouths.

What famous mom would you like to meet and why? Although the Kardashians are my guilty TV-watching pleasure, I think the real mom I’d like to meet is Michelle Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting. She seems to have this super-calm demeanor despite the fact that she has 19 kids and two grandbabies around. I want to know her secret.

Your motherhood mantra? You can’t go back and get time with your kids, so be intentional with the time you have.

On the weekends we’ll find you … Friday nights are basketball games, Saturday night is church and we eat out as a family, and Sunday is laundry day, and luckily I have a husband who helps.

If I had free time I would … I would read more. I read a lot of leadership and parenting books, but I would read a novel.

Coffee or Diet Coke or … Both, but definitely more coffee.

Bad habit? I clear my throat all the time. I hate it. Both of my degrees are in music, and every time before I’d go on stage to sing I would do it. It drove my parents and professors crazy.

By your bed? My Bible, journal, list book and a pen, because if I wake up in the middle of the night because of what I’m thinking about, I just write it down and then I can go to sleep.

In your purse and diaper bag? iPhone, pacifiers, list book, planner. I always keep a Ziploc baggy of gift cards that we get, because if I don’t keep them with me, I’ll never use them.

Never-miss TV show? We love Sing-Off; we’re addicted to it.