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Casey Wiegand

occupation: Artist and owner/art class instructor at A Little Artsy, an art studio in Dallas

personal stats: Wiegand cultivated her creative side throughout her childhood. As a teen, she spent hours painting and flourished in her art classes at Highland Park High School. Later, after studying early-childhood education at Baylor University, Wiegand combined her artistic side with her teaching skills to excel at her first job as an elementary school art teacher. But it wasn’t until a close friend suggested she exhibit her art at a festival that the up-and-coming artist sold her first painting. “That gave me the confidence to go to the next level as an artist,” she says, noting that her marriage to husband Chris, a photographer and videographer, also helped boost her courage. The pair started their own art school and studio, A Little Artsy, in 2008, and soon after, they welcomed their first child, a son, Aiden, who’s now 1.

motivation behind opening a little artsy: “My husband and I always dreamed of a place where we could create together. After teaching art at Highland Park Presbyterian Day School, I fell in love with teaching. So we decided that while our art school could be the face of our studio, it would also be a place where we could market our individual businesses as well. It was scary to take that plunge and open the doors to our own place—and it’s still scary sometimes—but at the end of the day, we both think it’s worth it.”

most fulfilling aspect of teaching art: “Spending time and working with the kids is incredibly fulfilling. Seeing how they express themselves and become more confident through art is incredible.” a glimpse at your workday: “My workdays are different every day! Now that I have Aiden, I generally stay at home with him in the morning and paint in my studio at home. When he wakes up from his nap, we load up and head to A Little Artsy. I teach one or two classes (usually with Aiden in a sling or backpack). Sometimes we stay late at the studio if we have an evening event, otherwise we head home around six! It’s such a blessing to work at a place where I can bring him to work with me.”

how you carve out creative time: “I lucked out. Our first child is an excellent napper! He gives me time to create at home. Plus, being a mom has tapped into a whole new side of creativity for me. Painting is my safe place. It’s how I decompress and escape from the world.”

family relaxation is: “… Well, just being at home is relaxing. I love to be outside, to paint or just do anything with my family. We have two adorable dogs so family walks are wonderful. And my husband loves to build things. In fact, he just built stairs in our home!”

artwork you’re most proud of: “When I paint, it usually represents a feeling or a point in my life. It’s very personal to me. My most meaningful paintings I can’t part with; they’re all hanging in our home. But, every time I sell a piece, there’s just a tiny part of me that goes with it.”