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CASA of Tarrant County

CASA Kids on Canvas One-Night Gallery Event

Support CASA of Tarrant County through their upcoming event, CASA Kids on Canvas

CASA Kids on Canvas benefiting CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Tarrant County is back and better than ever!

This event is a special one-night gallery showcasing artwork created by children of all ages who are currently in foster care. We would love to have you join us October 20, 2022, at The 4 Eleven in Fort Worth. Sign up online to attend. 

A Much needed Lifeline

Each year, thousands of children in Tarrant County are confirmed victims of child abuse and neglect. These children have experienced terrible trauma—turning their lives upside down. Child Protective Services takes legal responsibility for them and may place them in a foster home or other facility. Due to too few foster homes, siblings are often split up into different places. Children are rarely able to stay in their own schools, day cares, or communities. Everything they have known is gone. Through no fault of their own, these abused children have become a part of an overburdened child welfare system. They deserve a voice in the courtroom. They need a CASA volunteer.

“I’m for the child that is convinced that the horrible acts of abuse and neglect they have suffered is somehow their fault … every child that needs a CASA has someone out there, who is fiercely advocating on their behalf. For better or worse, children are our future. Every child deserves a safe, healthy home to live in,” says Matt Opitz, CASA of Tarrant County board member.

Being in foster care, these children often feel disconnected due to the circumstances that placed them in care. CASA volunteers help them feel as normal as possible, while advocating for their best interests in court. These volunteers are specially trained and appointed by judges to speak up for these children and advocate for their unique needs in court, at school and in other settings. From helping siblings find permanent placement together, to finding a child a stable home with a relative, to uncovering information that helps reunite a loving family, volunteer advocates make incredible differences in the lives of abused and neglected children.

Volunteers: a crucial need

Here at CASA of Tarrant County, we strongly believe that the children we serve be not only safe, but that their every need is being met. Not just educationally or medically, but also culturally. The need for volunteers is crucial. And being bilingual is a huge bonus that can only make a positive impact in a child’s life. Cristi Lantano, child advocacy specialist, says “Having a bilingual advocate who can address the child’s needs, concerns, and desires in their own language, can make a huge difference in their case!”

Having a CASA volunteer and participating in CASA’s Paint Parties, where they create beautiful paintings that will be on display at our Kids on Canvas event, is often a chance for these children to have normalcy, fun and socialize with other children—and sometimes reuniting siblings. Two siblings were able to attend, Julian and Monique were able to play, paint, and laugh together as they created their artwork. Julian took the time to help Monique with her bright paints to create something that she is proud of! We’re hoping you are able to see it too!

Kids on canvas event

Volunteers also report that their experience being a CASA is extremely meaningful. CASA volunteer Rebekah Sweetenham says, “The most rewarding part of being a CASA is: Seeing that smile, when they feel safe with you and are at peace. Listening to their dreams in life. Experiencing milestones together … learning to speak, progressing in school, and overcoming behavioral differences … I am especially grateful for every waking moment with my kids.”

Event Details

CASA’s upcoming Kids on Canvas event will help raise funds for critical advocacy and support services to these volunteers who advocate on behalf of the abused and neglected children in Tarrant County. It will also be a great opportunity to learn more about the organization’s mission and network with other supporters. You don’t want to miss out! Join us Thursday, October 20, 2022, 5–7:30pm at The 4 Eleven off South Main in Fort Worth. Sponsors of this fun event include TPG, M-Pak, The Law Offices of Veronica Garza, Charlie & MK Scherer, Fort Worth Roots podcast, Society Life Magazine and Patron magazine.

Delicious bites and drinks will be served, and guests will have the opportunity to win premium raffle prizes such as overnight accommodations at Hotel Drover, a 10-person succulent party, admission to local museums and attractions, premium gift bags and much more. There will also be kid-friendly activities, and opportunities to take home one-of-a-kind paintings.

Registration is available online at speakupforachild.org/canvas.

Get Involved

To learn more about becoming a CASA volunteer, please visit speakupforachild.org/become-an-advocate.
Or to make a generous monetary donation, please visit speakupforachild.org/donate.

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