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Cary Pierce

OCCUPATION: Music producer, songwriter, performer and half of the acoustic duo Jackopierce.

PERSONAL STATS: In his 20-year-long career with Jackopierce, Pierce has performed in 44 states and 10 countries and has recorded seven records. Most recently, the Jackopierce duo released The Promise of Summer. Additionally, Pierce has produced and co-written records for Chris Tomlin (receiving two Grammy nominations and certified Gold and Platinum records), Jack Ingram, Creede Williams and about a dozen other artists. He also released his own solo albums, You Are Here, foreverything vol. 1 and 2 and Live at Schubas. Pierce lives in Dallas with his wife, Cara, and sons, Jordan, 8 and a half, and Jaron, 2. The couple is expecting a third child in October.

HAVE YOU HAD AN ‘I’VE MADE IT’ MOMENT? “One that really sticks out to me (and isn’t really related to my professional career) is that I once sang ‘Margaritaville’ with Jimmy Buffet at a friend’s wedding. At one point in my childhood, my family lived in Florida, and I’ve always been a big fan of Buffet. It was just a cool moment for me as a fan, and then also from the business perspective. But, professionally, I’m constantly working toward ‘making it.’ The Gold and Platinum records on my office wall remind me of the hard work. It’s just interesting how God twists and turns things. I’m grateful for it all.”

WHAT INFLUENCE DID FATHERHOOD HAVE ON YOU AS A MUSICIAN? “It made me want to stay home more … When and if you can get married in this business, you want to stay home more. I didn’t want to go out on the road anymore, and some things just stopped being important to me. When I do travel now, it’s for two or three days at the most. When I’m at home, I have all kinds of flexibility … I coach my son’s sports teams and get to work around their schedules.”

WHAT DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH MOST AS A WORKING DAD? “When I work at home (which is a lot), I work in the middle of the house in an office/studio. It’s so hard to hear the boys in the other room saying, ‘I wanna see dada.’ It’s hard to tell myself to keep focused.”

DO YOU HAVE RULES TO FATHER BY? “My rules come from ancient wisdom, including King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it’ (Proverbs 22:6). My wife and I co-parent [Jordan is Pierce’s son from a previous marriage] and we have a really good relationship with the four members of our parenting team.”

WHAT ABOUT YOUR KIDS MAKES YOU LAUGH? “My 2-year-old is starting to put together sentences. Right now he’s saying, ‘Do-pi-do,’ over and over, and he makes up these little sayings and phrases. Jordan is a real performer, and he likes to bang out on the piano and write songs. He will spin like I do when I’m playing guitar on stage.”

HOW DO YOU STRIKE A BALANCE BETWEEN WORK AND FAMILY? “I like to try to take my son to school; I like to be around him as much as I can since he splits his time between two homes. My pastor often says that the most influential thing to your kids isn’t your kids’ coach, it’s not their pastor or teachers — it’s a constant dinnertime. That’s a big deal to us, and we all sit at the table together every night. It’s an exchange of ideas and it’s a culmination of so many things … some nights it’s endless conversation and others we sit in silence or frustration. But we still sit and eat together. It’s a good constant for us as a family.”