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9 Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Consider passing out these fun items on the spookiest night of the year.

Halloween is on its way. While the kiddos are anxiously awaiting the end of the month and all the chocolate and sweets they can get their hands on, you’re wondering how to prevent the sugar highs, tummy aches and cavities that are almost sure to follow. Or maybe you have a kiddos (or know a bunch of kiddos) that have allergies to ingredients typically found in common Halloween candy.

In either case, wouldn’t it be nice if there were other treats to give out when the littles come ringing your doorbell? We created a quick list of what we think would be great alternatives to candy, including some hypoallergenic options.

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1. Costume Jewelry

Kids tend to enjoy shiny things, so why not throw some fun bead necklaces or bracelets in for them to wear around the neighborhood? Like these Halloween character necklaces from orientaltrading.com; $9.39 for 48 necklaces.

2. Race Car Toys

Pass these out so kiddos can race their cars with their friends or siblings, like orientaltrading.com‘s 50-piece set for $24.99.

3. Halloween-Themed Plush Toys

How cute and cuddly are these spooky plush emojis? $13.58 for 12 from orientaltrading.com.

Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading Company

4. Stamps

Give the kids something they can get artsy with. This set of 100 assorted stamps from amazon.com runs $15.99.

5. Bouncy Balls

No one can resist a good bouncy ball. Target‘s bag of 60 eyeball bouncy balls are on sales for $17.99.

6. Paper Airplane Kits

Not only are paper airplanes fun to play with, but they’re also fun to put together too. Get 200 for $19.75 from this amazon.com shop.

7. Crayons

Yes, good old-fashioned crayons. You can toss these in and know they’ll be used. You can also throw in a small coloring book to go with it. This set of 96 Crayola crayons runs for $4.97 from Walmart.com.

8. Glow Sticks

What is it about a glow stick that brings such joy for any age? Walmart.com sells this 80-pack of glow sticks, bracelets, rings and eyeglasses for $9.97.

9. YumEarth Halloween Candies

If you must have some candy, grab these organic, allergen-free pops from Target.

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