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Business Profiles 2021

Take a deeper look into what makes these local businesses a great choice for your family.

Med Spa in Highland Village

Studio 360 Med Spa & Boutique
2300 Highland Village Road, Suite 300
Highland Village, TX 75077
972-318-3600 | email

Donna Phillips
Owner of Studio 360 Med Spa

Donna Phillips opened Studio 360 Med Spa in November of 2018. At 51 years old and married to Gary for 33 years, the man that has always empowered me to be everything I could imagine and more, and with six small humans that captured my heart and gave me my most cherished role as a grandmother, opening a new business had to be set up for success—in both my professional and personal life.

I was never any good at working for other people so I defined success as walking into my own office in cutoffs and a ponytail and that being okay. I have always loved the art of small business and have owned multiple businesses. Setting up any business always relies on the people that I partner with. Making them successful makes me successful by default. The Studio is the perfect example of a team invested in each other’s success. Everyday you can see them pushing each other to be the best in their field. It is the most perfect partnership of professionals I have ever seen and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

We started in a 1,500 square foot space off the beaten path with 13 competitors within two miles of us and it just goes to show you that when you have a little faith and surround yourself with the right people amazing things can happen.

We created a place that is beautiful and offers every service in one place by a knowledgeable and talented team. It’s a feel good place that takes how you look and how you feel and makes them into the best version of you.

We expanded and tripled our size just six months in and added the boutique. Our growing team is anchored by incredible providers that contributed their time and vision to make it the best med spa anywhere!

Ryndi Hodge is our manager, Michelle Shepard RN, is everything injectable, and Princess Holt NP is all about wellness with hormone therapy, weight loss, plus overall health and well being! Kathy Hodges runs the best little boutique in Texas.

Our success has been phenomenal! Most of it comes from word of mouth. We are in the most amazing community so we are always looking for ways to contribute and make it better.

YMCA Metropolitan Dallas

YMCA OF Metropolitan Dallas
Serving children of all ages across 8 counties in North Texas

At the Y, kids are our specialty! For 135 years, the Y’s goal has been to get families active and involved, regardless of their income, and we pride ourselves on having something for everyone!

What do you think of when you hear “YMCA”? The Village People? Swim lessons? Youth sports? A gym? We’re all those things and more! Well, maybe not the Village People, but we are often called “America’s Swim Teacher”, and basketball was invented at a YMCA facility. Did you know Father’s Day was invented at the Y too? The Y’s rich history is full of fun facts, but our mission doesn’t live in the past.

Though last year was a challenging one for many of us, the Y’s commitment to meeting the changing needs of our communities shone brightly as we offered free childcare to essential workers, hosted food and household item distributions, blood drives, baby depots, and meal giveaways. This was a fitting way to celebrate the 135th anniversary of the YMCA in Dallas. Since 1885, we have adapted to meet our communities where they are and 2020 was no different.

We are charging ahead in 2021 and beyond with renewed focus on:

  • Water Safety – Becoming the leading provider in swim safety/instruction to eliminate childhood drowning in North Texas.
  • Mental Health, Belonging, and Well-Being – Creating stronger and more confident youth/young adults through welcoming, safe environments.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Ensuring the Y and our programs are welcoming, safe and accessible for all.

Through our 16 YMCA facilities, 2 camps, and hundreds of program sites, the Y’s work is felt throughout the community daily. Our mission: To put Christian values into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We feel strongly about the for all part of our mission as we believe that all community members should have access to all that we offer, regardless of income. Therefore, financial assistance is available for almost every YMCA program. This work is possible thanks to the donors and volunteers who give their time and financial support to the YMCA so generously.

We invite you and your family to come be a part of the community we serve; it’s 200,000 people strong each year and spans Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hopkins, Palo Pinto, and Rockwall counties.

Learn more about the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas at ymcadallas.org.

Business Profiles

Fair Winds Assessment and Counseling Center
6551 Harris Parkway, Suite 240
Fort Worth, TX 76132
817/735-4165 | Fax: 817/735-4688 | Email | Facebook

Patricia Feltrup-Exum, M.A., LMFT, BC-TMH
Bruce Feltrup-Exum, M.Div., LMFT, BC-TMH
Owners of Fair Winds Assessment and Counseling Center
Children: Jordan, 37 and Brendan, 35

Bruce and Patricia started Fair Winds Assessment and Counseling Center, known previously as Feltrup-Exum & Associates, in 2003. Bruce and Patricia have been married for 39 years and have two sons, Jordan (37) and Brendan (35). Their mission has been to remove the stigmas surrounding mental health and develop better access to quality mental health for their community. Both Bruce and Patricia have worked in research and the renorming of diagnostic materials and test instruments, which has improved mental health practices across the nation. Patricia has recently been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists for her instrumental work in revising the DSM-V manual.

For over 20 years, their desire to expand access and quality of care in mental health has led to developing the highest quality of testing and therapy services offered in Tarrant County. Knowing full well that mental health issues can affect anyone, they see individuals, couples and families, caring for the family as a whole.

With decades of experience in developmental disorders like autism and ADHD, they have rigorously developed peer-reviewed diagnostic assessment batteries. These series of tests can help generate an in-depth, multi-step treatment plan to help you and your child start the healing process with a simple, straightforward approach. They develop a treatment plan that focuses on help from all aspects, including educational assistance, medication management, parental coaching, emotional therapies, occupational therapies, speech therapies, wellness and nutrition management—and so much more.

Business Profiles

Ilona Jade Photography
Serves the greater DFW area
Facebook | Instagram

Children: Jolene, 3; Joshua, 1

Local Photographer Sets Out to Equip Moms

This year WRECKED me in the best way. As a photographer my calling to capture raw, authentic, and joyful portraits was brought to life in a new passion; educating mothers on how to take emotive portraits. During the full lockdowns, I not legally allowed to do photoshoots, I waited it out months before I could take clients again. I saw mamas posting how upsetting it was to have their photoshoots being canceled.

I felt their pain as I had my own newborn and imagined how sad it would be if I didn’t know how to take beautiful photos of his precious wrinkly face. Looking back, I see the printed photos I took of my two-year-old daughter peering through the crib spaces in awe of her little brother. Or the photo of my boy sneeze coughing milk straight into my camera as I took the shot. That still makes me giggle as I pass by it! I felt a pain for the mamas that could snap some iPhone shots but longed to have an artist’s skill in taking portraits that would take their breath away years down the road.

Being a photographer for ten years, I’ve had the joy in capturing over 200 families. Hearing the parent’s reactions to receiving the gallery still wrecks me every time. Parents tearfully write me their praise for capturing them so “authentically, just how we are but in such a beautiful way”. That never gets old, I still show my husband each message I get.

When mamas scroll through my feed, I often get messages asking how I took a certain shot, what camera/lens I used, or how I edit. I write back, but I know that one or two messages will not be enough to teach them photography. I craved to sit down with each mom and explain everything they need to know to start.

Imagine if you had a camera on hand that you knew how to use to capture your babies in stunning frames?! That’s what I’m here to offer the world. Memories are so important and emotive imagery should be available to everyone.

I am so thrilled to release my course this fall and hold hands with mamas as they learn photography in SIMPLE lessons. I also welcome moms monthly as I teach photography classes at a local farm in Aubrey. Helping moms gain these skills makes me so proud!

Mad Science of Dallas & Fort Worth
2309 Springlake Road, Suite 620
Farmers Branch, TX 75234
972/241-0475 | Email

Mad Science of Dallas & Fort Worth Uniquely Prepares Your Child for STEAM Careers of the Future

For over 20 years, Mad Science of Dallas & Fort Worth has been a leader in growing STEAM competencies in children attending K–12 grades in the DFW metroplex. It is a part of the Mad Science Group, a global organization established over 30 years ago. Mad Science programs stand out for their focus on hands-on, project-based and experience centered mastery of STEAM concepts delivered by certified coaches supported by 100+ custom-created learning kits, each delivered directly to the student. Based in DFW, they deliver programs on-site, virtually and in hybrid mode. The business has successfully adapted to customer needs during the Covid-19 era without missing a beat. Parents, PTA, school officials and partners continue to seek and tap into over 250 different learning modules spanning all STEAM domains. Mad Science has also forged partnership with other STEAM leaders such as NASA, LEGO, Ozobot, Crayola and Scholastic, for programs and products.

STEAM Foundation Academy
Delivered through its Foundation Academy are an impressive suite of programs spanning Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science and Technology and Literature for Elementary grades. It is also one of the few builders of STEAM enrichment programs for early childhood learning.

STEAM Innovation Academy
The Innovation Academy reinforces more advanced STEAM concepts required in Middle school and High school grades through project-based learning, maker-experiences, Career & Technology introduction and professional development for Texas STEM educators.

STEAM High Achievement Academy
Established in response to more recent demand from families, this academy provides small-group format programs for children in grades 4–9 in emerging disciplines.

Program Spotlight*
STEAM Future Ready for grades 4–9 Uniquely tailored for families desiring concierge-quality coaching for a child preparing for a future in nextgen STEAM.

Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Manufacturing, Robotics & Autonomy, Blockchain, and Game Design.

This is an 8 to16 week preparatory program requiring 3 hours of commitment per week, in a small-group setting of only 8 students per pod.

The program also prepares your child to enter the high school or college of choice by building a strong, early foundation for STEM careers of the future, while also instilling habits and discipline of high performers and achievers.

*A High Achievement Academy offering.

Business Profiles

MYX Blend Bar
West Village
3699 McKinney Ave., Suite 302
Dallas, TX 75204

Rice Village
2524 Amherst St., Suite E110
Houston, TX 77005

Rebekah Reedy Miller
Owner of MYX Blend Bar

MYX Blend Bar is a unique DIY concept that specializes in creating custom lipstick and lip gloss as well as they offer discontinued shade replication. Customers can choose from 8 different styles of lipstick or lip gloss bases and MYX provides all base options from lip balm to liquid matte. With the help of an expert MYXologist, clients create the perfect shade by blending pigments that match their unique skin tone all while adding shimmers, fragrances, plumper, vitamins, anti-aging treatments, SPF and more to their custom lipstick and lip gloss. You even get to name your custom blend!

MYX Blend Bar is owned by Rebekah Reedy Miller of Dallas, Texas. Rebekah started MYX Blend Bar in her home in 2017 with her youngest stepdaughter Samantha. Rebekah was intrigued by the concept of a truly custom DIY lipstick and lip gloss product that was made from scratch with raw ingredients rather than premade products. Rebekah’s curiosity got the best of her, and her Biology and Chemistry degrees came in handy as she began to obsess over how to make high-end lipstick and lip gloss custom.

In 2018, Rebekah hired her first staff which she calls MYXologists, and she began to develop the process for creating the perfect high-end lipstick and lip gloss which she calls the MYXperience. The name MYX originated from her mom. Her mom floated the idea of MYXperience since the concept was DIY inspired paired with an experiential retail concept. MYX Blend Bar’s MYXperience embraces the custom and truly unique “my kiss” or “my x” her customers create as well as the process allows customers to also “mix” their custom blends.

Rebekah debuted MYX Blend Bar at Dallas’ Boho Market and local events out of a 1969 Airstream that she converted into a MYX Mobile Blend Bar. To date, she uses the MYX Mobile Blend Bar for private events and marketing events. The mobile blend bar was such a success that Rebekah opened her first brick and mortar in West Village in Dallas, Texas on January 10, 2019. She opened her second store in Rice Village in Houston, Texas on August 1, 2020 and is in the process of her third location out of state that will be announced at the end of this year.

Business Profiles

Park Cities School of Music
7979 Inwood Rd. #113
Dallas, TX 75209

Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts
7328 Gaston Ave. #130
Dallas, TX 75214

Heritage Learning Center of East Dallas
7328 Gaston Ave. #130
Dallas, TX 75214

Eva A. Brandys, M.M., M.Ed.
Founder and Director of Park Cities School of Music, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts, and Heritage Learning Center of East Dallas

Meet Eva Brandys, the owner of 2 Dallas area music dance and fine art schools: Park Cities School of Music, Lakewood Conservatory and a private school Heritage Learning Center. Eva has many passions and talents. She is a musician (pianist/composer), music teacher, music school owner, realtor and trilingualist to name a few. In her spare time she also loves competing in dog shows with her sidekick Mimi. Eva was born in Poland which she often visits since most of her family is still there. Poland is where she first started her formal music training and specialized studies. She moved to the United States as a young adult to continue pursuing music. She received a full Scholarship and a Degree from both DBU and SMU where she graduated with high honors and a Masters in Piano Pedagogy and Music Education.

Park Cities School of Music and Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts have been in business for over 10 years catering to their community needs and going above and beyond for their families. Both schools offer a variety of in person classes as well as nationwide online classes. They go beyond just offering one-on-one music lessons by offering a number of ways for children to learn. Throughout their experience teaching students in the DFW Metroplex, they have come to realize that every student learns differently. Their teachers are dedicated to helping all students learn the instrument they desire and they offer opportunities to learn one-on-one, in a group setting or even host birthday parties for a unique learning experience.

In addition to Music, Dance and Art lessons, Heritage Learning Center of East Dallas features a learning pod (where kids can be dropped off to complete their academic work), a chess club as well as foreign language lessons in French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. This school has an immersion in Music, Dance and Visual Arts. They also have programs for special needs students with specially trained and experienced teachers to help make the child’s experience extraordinary. Spring and summer camps are available at both locations with a variety of Camps to choose from such as Instrument Explorers or Piano Beginnings.

Special Camps include Princess and Superhero camp, Sing Like a Star and Baby and Me Music camps. LEGO and Art Camps are exclusively offered at Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts.

Business Profiles

All About Kids Dentistry
12300 Inwood Rd., Ste. 110
Dallas, TX 75244

J. Diane Colter DDS, Owner of All About Kids Dentistry
Husband: Dr. Shandon Colter
Children: Sydney and Landon

Dr. Diane Colter grew up in Athens, TX. She completed her degree from Baylor College of Dentistry, where she graduated top of her class. She completed a Residency in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of California in Los Angeles, serving as chief resident. Dr. Colter says her mission statement sums up her practice’s goal: “To provide exceptional dental care to every child in a fun and loving environment.”

As the board-certified pediatric dentist at All About Kids Dentistry, Dr. Colter and her staff are well-trained for routine treatments, emergency situations and special-needs patients. We tailor each appointment specifically for every child’s needs because each is unique. With decades of experience under her belt, Dr. Colter enjoys building family relationships and personally nurturing her young patients’ oral health development.

Away from the office Dr. Colter loves spending time with her husband, Dr. Shandon Colter, and their beautiful children, Sydney and Landon. Dr. Colter also enjoys reading, traveling and time spent with family and friends.

Business Profiles

Vogt RV Centers
5301 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76117

Aaron Vogt, President of Vogt RV Centers
Wife: Laura
Children: Logan, 13; Max, 11; Chloe, 9

The Vogt family RV dealerships have been a staple in the DFW area for decades. In the late 1960s, Danny Vogt, founder of Vogt RV, began selling truck campers next door to his dad’s boat shop in Haltom City, Texas. Although just a teenager, he used his father’s philosophy of, “you can’t be right by doing wrong; you can’t be wrong by doing right.” Fast-forward over 60 years and that philosophy guides the Vogt family till this day.

Aaron Vogt, current president of Vogt RV, maintains a family-owned environment through a set of core values: integrity, servant’s heart, motivated, team mentality, teachable, authentic and enthusiastic. “Vogt RV is committed to changing the industry,” said Aaron. “We pride ourselves by creating and providing a true customer-first experience with programs like our new ‘Same-Day Service’ initiative.”

It is the deep-rooted values that run through every aspect of the family business, from the people they hire to the brands they sell (i.e. Tiffin, Jayco, Leisure Travel and Airstream). Vogt RV offers a wide range of quality products and services for every stage of the RV buying experience, providing all adventure enthusiasts the single most trustworthy and professional RV experience.

Business Profiles

ACH Child and Family Services
3712 Wichita Street
Fort Worth, TX 76119
817/886-7140 | 817/335-HOPE(4673)

“Would we adopt again? We just did!”
— Jennifer Moffatt

“We adopted our first teenager just six years ago and our family of five became six. We never thought we’d become a family of eight, but with a daughter-in-law and our second adopted teen, we are one big happy family! The training and support from ACH made both times a beautiful experience.”

It only takes one child, one family, one journey to become a foster or adoptive family. Consider becoming a foster or adoptive family and recognize the beauty inside a child waiting to be loved. Call us to find out more and rest assured, ACH will be with you on your entire parenting journey.

Business Profiles

The Block Center
Fort Worth

Dr. Mary Ann Block, Owner of The Block Center

Overcoming ADHD & Autism Without Drugs
• She’s the mother who became a doctor at age 45 to save her own daughter.
• She’s helped thousands of children, like yours, from all over the world, be successful in school & life without psychiatric labels or drugs.
• She’s the top-selling author of No More Ritalin and No More ADHD.
• She believes everyone should have a thorough medical and educational evaluation instead of being labeled with a psychiatric disorder.

Looking for non-drug answers for ADHD & Autism? Call The Block Center.

Business Profiles

Gymboree Play & Music of Southlake
Gateway Plaza
2960 E. Southlake Blvd., Ste. 170
Southlake, TX 76092

Jessica Fagin, Owner of Gymboree Play & Music of Southlake
Children: Deanna, 13; Melody, 8

Gymboree Play & Music was founded in 1976 by a mother looking for enrichment activities with her children. I brought my own children as infants, and we continued the fun until they aged out. The Southlake location opened in 2006, and I became the owner in 2020.

We offer classes in Play & Learn, Music, Art, and school readiness, as well as Open Gyms, where children can play at their leisure. We offer themed and private parties, plus Exclusive Times for those who want the site to themselves. We’ll hold Camp Gymbo this summer. Reserve your free preview class today!