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Build Bones With … Beer?

A new study suggests that popping a top on a couple of cold ones could actually help stave off osteoporosis with bone-strengthening benefits. According to the report, beer provides silicon, a nutrient that makes bones more receptive to calcium. But, before you grab your favorite six-pack, take heed, says Lona Sandon, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas.

“The study recommends consuming two liters of beer per day—that’s a lot of beer,” she says. “Moderate intake is about two 12-ounce beers per day, and even that can be too much for some individuals.”

The study’s results just don’t translate to real life—in fact, consuming this amount of alcohol could actually do more harm to your health, says Sandon. “Drinking too much beer could lead to negative heart health, higher blood fats and problems with the liver,” she warns. Instead, she suggests, “It’s more beneficial for both men and women to remain physically active, eat foods high in calcium and get plenty of vitamin D.”

And now and then … maybe the occasional cold one.