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Bring Back That (Luscious) Feeling

In those pre-motherhood days when there was actually time, money and energy for self-grooming, your hair was full of life. Now, between carpooling, volunteering, work (and, um, color treatments—don’t worry, we’ll never tell!), that effortless shine from your twenties eludes you.

So, how do you get it back? One word: Moroccanoil. Yes, it’s one word, and yes, it will work miracles (personally tested by yours truly). Raved about by stylists, colorists and clients alike, Moroccanoil’s argan oil, found only in southern Morocco, is a super special key ingredient that strengthens hair, increases elasticity and protects from UV rays and free radicals—yes, it’s practically a miracle product. So if your hair has lost that luscious feeling, give it a little TLC with the Original Oil Treatment to bring it back and add some shine. Next thing you know, you’ll hear those compliments come falling off people’s tongues.