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Book Review: ‘Felix Eats Up’ by Rosemary Wells

a perfect book for the picky-eater of the family

First came the popular duo, Max and Ruby, the bunny siblings that share friendship and playtime. The two do life together, and Ruby always seems to be getting Max out of trouble. Now, Rosemary Wells has given us another pair to fall in love with: Felix and Fiona.

Felix and Fiona are best friends but with very different personalities. Felix is shy and quiet, while Fiona is bold and adventurous. The two help each other through life’s bumps, as well as celebrate little victories. In Felix Eats Up, shy Felix is confronted with the most unnerving task of all for many little ones out there—trying new foods.

He’s comfortable with his everyday lunch of buttered oat bread with sprouts and macaroni and cheese. Why try new things when he already has foods he enjoys?

Best friend, Fiona, has other ideas though. She is determined to help her friend open up to new foods and new horizons, such as snow peas and mushrooms.

Wells’ lighthearted tale of a picky-eater creates the perfect opportunity to get your own picky-eater excited about trying new foods. By reading about Felix overcoming his fears and concerns, maybe your kiddo will get brave at the table, too.

Felix Eats Up by Rosemary Wells
Best for: ages 3–9
Candlewick Press, 2019

Image courtesy of Candlewick Press and Rosemary Wells