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Birmingham Farms Park in Wylie

Location: 725 Odenville Drive, at the corner of Odenville Drive and Bessemer Road.

What makes it noteworthy: Although this is just a small neighborhood park, this playground has two different playsets that are partially covered to protect little ones from the sun. There are four slides on the baby playset, including a double racing slide, and two slides on the big kid playset. A swingset sits in the middle, with two regular swings and two baby swings.

Extras: Birmingham Farms Park has a few different options to keep kids entertained. The playset for younger kids features a built-in matching game and two steering wheels on top that kids can pretend to drive. The older kids have a balance toy and a hanging bar game. There are benches surrounding this park and a small walking trail that loops around, but there are no bathrooms.

Safety: This playground received an A* on the Playground Safety Report Card. However, there were some bird droppings on a few different parts of the playground, small cobwebs, and minor litter along the edge of the playground, including a lighter. 

+Separate playsets for older and younger kids
+Built-in toys
+4 swings
-Minor litter, cobwebs and bird droppings
-No restrooms
Overall grade: 2/5 stars

Published October 2015