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Bianca Benavides Anderson

One word: together. That’s the impression you get over a conversation with Bianca Benavides Anderson.

We met Anderson at her office in Irving, and despite the fact that she’s the consumer development director for three of Moet Hennessy USA’s largest accounts (Belvedere vodka, Dom Perignon and Moët & Chandon), her office is the most orderly workspace I’ve ever encountered.

“Last week, I had a stack of magazines this high,” swears the Mansfield mom of four (Samantha, 18; Garrett, 5; Abigail Daisy, 4; and Lilly Mae, 3 months). But the image of chaos in this office is elusive and the reason for that sits not more than 3 feet away. Sandy haired, with bright eyes and an engaging smile, Anderson appears too young to hold such a prominent position, but, as she speaks, her wisdom gives away her years. So how does she do it? Keep it all together, with four kids ranging from 3 months to 18 years, a husband (who owns his own chiropractic firm, Arkansas Lane Chiropractic) and a turbo-paced job. …

“It’s so funny; everyone asks that,” says Anderson with an easy laugh (as an e-mail from Houston socialite Becca Cason Thrash pops up and momentarily snags her attention). “Boy, and she’s one of them [speaking of Cason Thrash]; she’s like, how do you do that?

“But … I firmly believe that any woman can do anything they put their mind to,” says Anderson.
And if Anderson’s life is evidence, it’s true. She entered and completed the executive program at SMU, earning her master’s degree during weekends while managing 14 people and working 70 hours per week.

“I’m not going to tell you I’m the most balanced person,” says Anderson. “But I will tell you I take great pride in that I separate my time. At home, we’re structured. We have to be. We have four children. We both work.”

As a parent, she outlines a schedule for her kids. Throughout the day, everything from TV to bedtime has a time and place. But she strives to adhere to a “yes” philosophy with her kids. “I’m a firm believer in that, if you can say yes [to their requests], say yes,” says the savvy mom.  But she teaches her kids to negotiate with clear reasoning (I predict yet another generation of go-getter Andersons!). She calls her parenting style “flexible structure.” It’s all about being willing to set boundaries, and keeping them, but stretching when it makes sense.

While Anderson is certain the key to success is all about balance and a great plan, she urges, “While you try to keep a balance, it’s also important to keep relationships up … to put in a little extra effort.”
“If you made a list [of things to do],” she outlines, “ask yourself … which are the gains in your life … something that’s for you … a personal win? Cause too often we’re just keeping things going.”

We also asked what she considered to be her biggest weakness. Not surprisingly, it’s making time for mom.  She says she’s trying to be better about it.

But from this view, I see someone totally together, someone who manages to have it all.