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Beverly Stone

Like many moms, Beverly Stone rises early – 5am, to be exact – but not because of a crying babe (her daughters, ages 13 and 11, like to linger in their beds). Instead, the Highland Village mom wakes before her brood to swim laps with fellow members of the Irving Masters’ competitive swim team.

Out of the pool and back to reality, the onetime-chemist turned teacher keeps her home humming while husband Bill is away flying commercial airplanes for Southwest three to four days a week.

And keeping up with their two growing girls – Emily and Sarah – isn’t an easy feat: The girls both swim competitively and actively participate in Girl Scouts. Thanks to her part-time teaching schedule, Stone spends her afternoons with her daughters, frequenting the movies or scrapbooking – and don’t forget about the family’s weekend swim meet travel schedule.

But Stone can hold her own (in and out of the pool); she recently broke the state record for her age group in the 100-yard freestyle swim (and she makes a mean plate of spaghetti).

What She Does
When she’s not training in the pool, Stone (who laughingly says her daughters compare her to record-breaking Olympic swimmer and mom Dara Torres) works hard to keep fit. “I enjoy feeling fit and healthy, as well as being a good role model for my kids,” she shares. “I work out on my own time – or early in the morning – so that I can be at home when they need me.”

Beyond teaching her own family the importance of healthy living, Stone volunteers her time during the summer as the assistant coach of the Lewisville Wave swim team. She’s also a co-instructor of a specialized stroke technique class for all-aged swimmers. “This year, I’m especially proud of the group of kids in our stroke technique class, because we were able to go to a national meet with them, which required them to qualify for the event. It is really a pleasure to watch these kids succeed and have fun,” she says.

How She Does It
Now that school’s started, Stone is back to work as a part-time instructor of Advanced Placement science, filling her classroom with energy and enthusiasm for chemistry. “I love chemistry because it’s a hands-on activity,” she adds. “I am all about visual learning with lots of labs in my classroom – my students love it!”

Does she ever rest? When asked what she’d do with time to herself, the exuberant mom replied earnestly: “Sleep. Occasionally I’ll pick up a sewing project … but I wish I could sneak in time for a nap more often.”

Don’t we all.