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Bent Tree Meadow Park in Dallas

Overall Grade: A (20 points/24 points)

Shaded playgrounds
+ Separate playgrounds for ages 2–5 and 5–12
– Possible dangers associated with large rock
 No rules posted regarding expected behavior
– Litter
– Spots of rust on swings

Bent Tree Meadow Park in Dallas offers numerous amenities that kids are sure to love. This dog-friendly park is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood and provides covered pavilions, a basketball court and two playgrounds – one for bigger kids and one for smaller kids. Kids will be thrilled to see a seesaw, unusual in most playgrounds today, and parents will love the shades covering the playground. Bent Tree Meadow Park is full of fun options, but it barely scraped by with a low A on the Safety Report Card. Points were deducted for litter on the ground, a lack of posted rules and possible safety hazards associated with a large rock connected to one of the play structures. Kids may enjoy scaling and balancing on the rock, but its height coupled with a lack of guardrails is likely to make parents nervous. Bent Tree Meadow Park is a good option for family fun. Just encourage your children to play safely. 

Grade based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org
This review was distributed to the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.