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Bellaire Park in Grapevine

Location: 1004 Pine Street, Grapevine, at the corner of Nash and Pine, across the street from the police station. Parking is on the street.

What makes it noteworthy: Bellaire is a neighborhood park with two play areas and swings for all ages. The play structure for ages 2–5 is on the small side with only one slide. The play structure for ages 5–12 has a climbing wall, a crawling tube and two levels of slides. The park is surfaced in recycled rubber.

Extras: The playground is the focal point of this park. There is a small grassy area and a few benches and picnic tables.

Safety: Bellaire Park scored an A* on the Safety Report Card. The structure for little kids is low to the ground, but the structure for ages 5–12 has openings on the upper level that could be hazardous.
+ Equipment is in great condition
+ Park is clean and well-maintained
– No parking
– No restrooms
Overall grade: 4/5 stars
*Based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org
This review was distributed to the City of Grapevine Parks and Recreation department for further review and/or action.

Published August 2015