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Fort Worth Zoo, Asian elephant calf named Brazos, introduced in November 2021.

Fort Worth Zoo Introduces New Baby Elephant

The calf named Brazos will be on limited view in the coming weeks.

Humans weigh an average of 7 pounds at birth. Imagine welcoming a 255-pound newborn who is already walking! It’s true at Fort Worth Zoo, which just welcomed a healthy Asian elephant calf. The baby, named Brazos, is the fourth calf born at the zoo—a big victory for elephant conservation and another adorable reason to visit with your family.

DFWChild was there as Brazos made his public debut at the zoo’s Elephant Springs habitat on Nov. 9, when he was just shy of 20 days old. Brazos’ mom Bluebonnet—who went through regular bloodwork, sonograms and exams (sound familiar?)—was born at Fort Worth Zoo in 1998; his aunt Belle and half-brother Bowie were born at the zoo in 2013. Their close relationship creates a herd that reflects how elephants live in the wild.

Brazos, an Asian elephant calf, born at Fort Worth Zoo, and introduced November 2021

“There’s an average of four baby elephants [born] a year in America. We’ve had three babies in eight years, and our elephants are happy, and they’re healthy,” shares Ramona Bass, chair of the Fort Worth Zoological Association. “They have this beautiful new exhibit. And we’re on our third generation, which is really something special. There are not many zoos that have three generations.”

The rambunctious calf will be on limited public view at the Fort Worth Zoo in the weeks to come, from 11am–2pm daily as long as the weather and other circumstances allow. The rest of the time, Brazos will be bonding with the herd in behind-the-scenes areas. As he continues to grow and the weather warms up in the spring, he will be out more at Elephant Springs—which opened at the zoo in April 2021 and features multiple yards and watering holes, including a waterfall and 400,000-gallon river.

Brazos Asian elephant calf born at Fort Worth Zoo and introduced November 2021

Want to help care for Brazos and the full eight-elephant herd? Visit Fort Worth Zoo’s website to “adopt” an elephant and sponsor their care, and to learn more about how the zoo is helping this endangered species.

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Photo courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo