School Guide

School Guide

Get to know the local education institutions that foster a lifetime of learning—includes upcoming dates for open houses and preview days.

Preschools in Dallas and Fort Worth area

Child Care & Preschool Directory

Feeling overwhelmed by all the local child care and preschool options? It’s tough to find the right people to care for your child when you’re not around. Make that important decision easier with our list.

child care preschool guide

Child Care & Preschool Guide

You have an array of options when it comes to child care and preschool, but how do you decide? This guide compiles a variety of schools and centers across the area to help you find a perfect match.


School Profile

Are you looking for a school that’s as passionate about your child’s education as you are? Get to know the institutions that excel in fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Science Technology Engineering, Math

STEM Guide

Explore these STEM programs—from critical thinking games and hands-on labs to robotics and coding—to help prepare your child for a future in technology.