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At Home With Kelly Wilson

Some people separate the ideology of past, present and future, but mom-of-two Kelly Wilson merges the three with her timeless taste in home décor. The friendly Wilson abode beckons visitors from the curb with its ranch-style façade. Native Southern landscaping, like azaleas and dogwoods, dot the front yard and give a nod to the couple’s roots – a theme that’s easily apparent once guests step inside.

Wilson and her husband, John, purchased their 1960s North Preston Hollow home from its original owner. “She lived here alone and was an older woman,” explains Wilson. She adds, “The house needed some sprucing up.” But, despite some of its outdated style, the homeowner convinced Wilson that the place was right for her family. “She told me that she envisioned a family moving in with children who would grow in the home, just like her own kids.”

The home’s past immediately hooked history-loving Wilson, who admits that her interest is sparked by the classic appeal of older objects, particularly antiques. Enter the Wilson home and you’ll understand. A sitting room flanks the family’s entryway (and is considered to be Wilson’s sanctuary), but the mom is quick to laugh off the idea of it being formal. “When they boys were little, I would frequently sit in this room for late night feedings. It’s so quiet and it lacks all the clutter,” she details. “Now the boys [who are ages 7 and 5] run through this room with swords and costumes.”

Besides the early memories of motherhood, the front sitting room harbors some of Wilson’s most treasured possessions: antique English china plates and platters. A French-country wooden china cabinet exposes her treasures to inquiring eyes. At its center rests a piece from Wilson’s newest project since becoming a mom – adorning vintage plates with Victorian decoupage monograms. Wilson’s recently made her hobby come to life when she launched her own vintage-inspired custom plate business.

It’s surprising to imagine her sons, Jack and Grey, running through the room with reckless (yet playful) abandon; wooden tabletops display more china plates, as well as hand-cut European lead crystal glasses and barware. A row of upholstered chairs invites visitors to sit and chat.

And, if the group wishes to move their conversation to the dinner table, the family is prepared with an inviting formal dining room. More china plates greet guests from yet another cabinet (Wilson could feed a huge crowd with all of her gorgeous dishes!). But this time, the china has its own past – and not one from the 18th century. The colorful auburn plates are Wilson’s wedding china. 

After dinner (and what’s sure to be a Southern-comfort meal), lucky guests will retire to the family room while the kids blow off steam in the home’s playroom. “The family room is the central area for us to gather as a family,” explains Wilson. “I like to read in here while the boys do their homework.” And, the family dog Baxter makes himself right at home on the antique Persian rug.

“I have a deep appreciation for antiques – items that are not only beautiful, but also carry a story from the past,” she describes. “We make our own story as a family, but it’s comforting to be surrounded by furniture that other generations have enjoyed; we’re just giving it a new spin for the next generation.”