Tempering Tantrums

Over-the-top tantrums may indicate deeper emotional trouble in young children, according to a new report in the January 2008 Journal…

Amy Williamson

It’s rare to see large families these days, but Amy Williamson is a down-to-earth mother of four. She has always…

Born to Be Bad

Nature or nurture? Some kids are just born to be troublesome, according to a new report in the journal Child…

Almost 13

The following are a list of goals my son set for himself not long ago: 1)      Get Star Wars movies…

Winter Warming

Dallas weather is admittedly unpredictable, especially in the winter, often spelling days (or even weeks) of spring-like temps only to…

Stress-Proof Your Kids

Think of stress-proofing your kids as planning for an emergency, like a fire. Smart families create an evacuation plan for their homes; that way, when a fire happens, everyone knows what to do.

Nice to Meebo You

Too many screen names and passwords for you? Head over to Meebo.com, a site that easily pares down your passwords and screen names.

A Turn of Fate

Once almost a lost art but now making its way back into use, external version is the technique of turning a breech baby into a more desirable, head-down position for birth.

Buses Buckle Up?

An unlucky Denton 11-year-old kicked off this school year in the hospital after suffering broken ribs and internal injuries when his school bus bounced over a pot hole.

Gift Card Risks and Rewards

As the holiday season gets into full swing, so do criminals whose idea of holiday cheer includes a new gift card scam that leaves shoppers vulnerable, violated, embarrassed and financially damaged.

Shopping Center

It’s hard to beat NorthPark Center for shopping in Big D. Recent additions like Cartier, Giorgio Armani and True Religion…