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How Arlington Mom Holly Potter-Harvey Spends Her Tuesday

the Fort Worth native is a go-getter

Mom of four Holly Potter-Harvey lives in Arlington with her husband, Will, and their four kids: Sadie, almost 8, Hank and Harris, 4, and Cash, 2. Although Potter-Harvey was born and raised in Fort Worth, she’s been in Arlington since the ninth grade. She works for a corporate meetings and event company, but for fun, she enjoys anything civically engaged as well as playing co-ed volleyball with Will.

4AM Let’s be honest: This is when my day starts. The baby, who lives in our room because we didn’t expect a fourth child, wakes up and is calling for me. I jump up, get him some milk, pick him up, tuck him in next to me and cuddle away—because I will miss this.

6AM The alarm goes off, and with every intention of showering and blow-drying my hair and being early, I hit snooze. Why? Because I find two additional little boys in my bed—one tucked in between my legs and one where my husband was before he left for work at 5:30am, and I can’t bring myself to get up and possibly wake them.

7AM The alarm goes off again. Oh, wait—nope. This is literally the sixth time it has gone off, and I just have snoozed it unintentionally the previous four times. I fly out of bed and start rushing around, frantically telling everyone to get up, time to get dressed, we have to go, we are late…again.

7:05AM Water is on the stove for coffee. (French presses are the only way.) I am making lunches, and the twins and Sadie are getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth and putting shoes on. Once that is done, I proceed to getting the baby dressed, and then finally I am able to get dressed.

7:25AM Grab the backpacks, the baby’s shoes (because I just haven’t had time to put them on him yet), and we are out the door and on the way to drop-off. Breakfast is consumed in the car.

7:35AM One would think we left the house 10 minutes ago. Nope. Four kids in four car seats, and three of whom cannot buckle themselves, plus the fact that each one typically forgets at least one thing, and I typically forget two or three. We finally leave the driveway for school.

7:50AM Pull in the drop-off lane at Corey Academy to drop off Sadie, kiss her goodbye and quiz her on her spelling words one last time, then off she goes.

8:10AM Pull in to Park Row Christian, unbuckle the three tiny men, grab backpacks, grab shoes because they still aren’t on, and coax the mess that is three boys 3 and under to get out of the car and across the parking lot to class.

8:20AM Call my mom and see how her evening was and what her day has in store.

9AM With traffic, I work almost an hour away from their school, so I pull in to work in Farmers Branch somewhere between 9am and 9:05am. Time to sit down, run through email, have some adult conversation and figure out my day. You might have figured out I still don’t have makeup on at this point.

9:05AM My workday is different every day. Sometimes I am in office responding to emails, working on proposals and turning in expense reports. Today I am out and about visiting clients and hotels, selling dreams of corporate meetings and events. At some point I put makeup on because I carry it in my car. A lot of time in my car I am also on the phone working or helping with some of the nonprofits or arranging the kiddos’ schedules. Or talking to my mom—I talk to her a lot.

4:30PM Sadie has been picked up from school by my mother and is already off to dance at United Performing Arts Company. I leave work and head to grab the boys.

5:15PM Pick up the three little men, which takes like 15 minutes to get them out of the school, into the car, buckled and on our way.

5:45PM I get home and cook dinner. (I cook a lot, but let’s be honest, we eat fast food a lot also.) The kids like to eat pretty quickly, so it is something quick and easy: a meat, starch and green because that is how Mom did it.

6:30PM Every other night is bath night—y’all, we just can’t do every night for these jokers. So, bath time for the boys, and Sadie gets home shortly after via a ride from a teammate.

7:15PM Bedtime for the boys. Clean and dry, we turn on lullabies on Alexa and head for bed. The baby goes down easy, but for Hank and Harris, this is the beginning of an hour or two’s journey to actual sleep. Sadie works on homework, reads, eats dinner and plays around on YouTube Kids. We don’t do electronics for the most part during the week.

8:30PM Sadie is in bed, and now it is time to do the dishes, switch laundry, organize school papers, check email for the 900th time today and also cruise Facebook and Instagram for the 900th time.

9PM This time of night goes one of three ways for me: Either I crash, or I go back to work on stuff for one of the nonprofit programs I am working on in the community, or I head to Nadia’s house to work on our side hustle, Hemstitch & Hubbub. Tonight I don’t crash—so it’s not until like 12am till I actually do.

What she’s reading: Let’s be honest—I don’t even read to my kids
Best vacation: Napa on a girls’ trip
Book on her nightstand: I don’t have a nightstand. Fourth baby was slightly unexpected, so his crib is there.
Instagram she always likes: @whoawaitwalmart
Favorite indulgence: Cereal! Chocolate Chex
What’s in her Netflix queue: A Million Little Things, Dead to Me and The Crown
Where she goes for retail therapy: Target
First celebrity crush: Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block
Favorite date night spot: The movies
Beverage of choice: Diet anything
Words she lives by: Transparency is endearing.
Biggest pet peeve: Lose/loose and sale/sell
What she does when life gets stressful: Eat
Motherhood in five words: Exhaustive, growth, joyful, educational—did I say exhaustive?
Celebrity mom she admires: Kristen Bell
Dream job as a kid: SeaWorld trainer
Self-care spot: Goldwaves Salon in Fort Worth
How she and her partner met: At House of Blues—I was an operations manager, and he was a valet manager. We traded food for parking!
Why she chose where she lives: Everything about it! Cost of living is low, taxes are low, schools are great, and it is centrally located with the small-town feel in a big city. I’m surrounded by a great village, and I never plan to leave.
Something she learned this week: Lake Michigan is like 5 feet above the river in Chicago. Also, all Marriott hotels are Pepsi exclusive, and the story is cool!
She’s really good at: Saying yes
She’s really bad at: Delegating
Habit she can’t quit: Diet Coke
If she had to change careers, she’d be a: Public speaker on transparency

Image courtesy of Jennifer Smith of Unearthed Photography.