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Are You Suffering from Back Pain?

Motherhood has lots of ups and downs – as in picking baby up and setting him down again (then repeating the process about a thousand times!). The constant lifting and carrying does a number on a mother’s spine. But, simple strategies to improve mommy’s flexibility may be the key to easing back pain, states Dr. Viki Seelig, chiropractor at Preston Forest Chiropractic in Dallas.

As soon as your doctor approves, Seelig suggests that new moms begin regular exercises and stretches to rebuild muscles in the abdomen and back. “I always recommend yoga because it’s great for slowly building and stretching the muscles in the back and abdomen.” Then, she adds, think twice when you go to lift your child from the crib, stroller or car seat.

“Use your legs, not your back,” she advises. “You might think that you lift this way. But, to be sure, have your spouse watch and look at the ergonomics of what you’re doing. It’s very common to lift incorrectly and it can be detrimental to a mother’s back.”

And, when you carry your tot, Seelig agrees with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ advice: Carry your child close to you and alternate sides and arms that carry the brunt of the weight.