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Archgate Park in Plano

Grade: A+ (24 points/24 points)

+ Separate playgrounds
+ Lots of space
+ Water fountains

No bathrooms
Climbing concerns

Bring the whole family (including the dog) for some fun at this giant outdoor escape. The signage for the park is easy to see off Archgate Drive, south of Legacy, but once you make the turn you might wonder where the play area is. Keep driving around the curve, and you’ll see the playground tucked in a wooded area. Scoring an A+, this clean, well-maintained park boasts wide-open fields, two baseball and soccer fields, a basketball court and two play structures with appropriate signage for ages 2–5 and 5–12. Unusual additions such as the faux-rock and climbing walls are bonuses beyond the standard slides. Kids get their swing on with one of eight child swings and four baby swings. On the larger playscape, ladders and a sliding pole could pose a danger if your child loses their grip, but the mulch fill is at a good level to pad any falls.